The Summer List

I’m so, so, so excited for this summer – a little bit more than usual because, um, I’M GROWING A BABY and it’s such a neat and fun time for us. I’m ready to have a ball this summer!

Here are a few things that I’m hoping to do with the husband during these next three months:

Play hooky with my husband
We call it “playing hooky”, but really, this means we will take a vacay day and let our bosses know two weeks in advance, (we’re such rebels, ha!) Since we aren’t really getting to take a full-fledged vacation this summer, we thought we’d take a day to cruise the lake while everyone else is at work : )

Create the perfect, girly nursery for Caroline Rose
This one is well in the works! I actually just ordered the bedding for Miss Caroline today and am SOOOOOOO excited to get everything all assembled with her crib and dresser. I will say, it’s neither of the bedding sets I shared with y’all last week. I found something I loved even more!

Spend a day with Memaw learning to make her famous bread rolls
I’ve said I wanted to do this forever, but this is the summer it’s going to happen. We head to Heber Springs again at the end of July for my brother’s wedding, so I’m thinking sometime that weekend will be perfect. She is such an amazing baker/cook and these rolls are the best I’ve eaten in my life. I NEED to know how to replicate them. (Backstory: The recipe actually belonged to my maternal great-grandmother, who handed them off to my paternal grandmother – Memaw. These are (to my knowledge) the only people who have successfully made the recipe. It’s a tricky one!)

Buy and master a new, fancy camera
I want to be able to provide better photos here on the blog and, above all, I want to have great photos of our little girl when she arrives. And this ain’t gonna happen with the little point-n-shoot I have now.

Go on a real picnic, basket and everything
I don't know that this one needs a big explanation. I just want to buy a big basket, fill it will delicious goodies and find a shady spot to split a sandwich with the guy I love. 


  1. Great list girl! J play hooky today (decision at 7am!) and it is so nice to have hime home and kinda just not do a thing!

  2. I purchased a "fancy" camera a few months ago and love it already! I did lots of research and went with the Canon T4i - you can get a great deal right now because the T5i just came out a month or so ago. I love it and am learning more about it every day - takes fantastic pics and I've just scratched the surface with its capabilities. Good luck choosing yours!

  3. These are all GREAT things to do this summer!!!

    We've been doing mini picnics (finger foods) at the creek w/ our beach chairs this summer. Since we know we won't get a big beach vacay - this is a perfect way to get something close w/out spending a ton of money.

  4. Fun simple summer plans! That will give the two of you some good quality time together before baby. Picnics are the best. We have the basket and a little backpack and everything! Enjoy. Those bread rolls sound amazing.

  5. I'm dying to master a fancy camera, too!

  6. If you want help learning to use your camera, I've been following a 12 week course (although I do one lesson per day) that's awesome. Google "peas in a pod photography lessons". They are all on PDF and sooooo helpful!

    I've had my camera for two years and kept it on auto mode, it's very cool to use some of the manual modes!

  7. I can't wait to see you do these things! Happy SUmmer!

  8. Ahhh!! Growing a baby!! I'm way behind on blogs. Congrats, girl!


  9. What a fantastic list! I love it! I am sure you will master it all!

  10. Love this little summer list! You should definitely get a better camera, I'm sure you will love that when your little one arrives!



  11. How exciting! I remember putting together our little man's nursery and the bedding/crib was the best part of all! Can't wait to see what it all looks like when you are finished.


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