Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

Ready to do some confessing? I sure am. Let's go!

1. I confess that I'm less than thrilled for another three hour road trip this weekend. We're heading to Little Rock for one of Stephen's friend's wedding and it's at that point in the pregnancy where riding in a car for longer than an hour is super uncomfortable. #guh

2. I confess that sometimes it scares me how tight and stretch my stomach feels by the end of the day. We were laying in bed last night and I asked Stephen, "Do you think it's possible for someone's stomach to just rip right open?" He got quiet for a second, like he was really deep in thought. "Well, I don't think so,"he said, "but if you're worried, we can ask Dr. D in a couple of weeks." Then he proceeded to roll right back over and go to sleep. So matter of fact, that man of mine : )

3. I confess that I really, really want these shoes. I am positively obsessed with the Sam & Libby for Target line and have already purchased two different styles (and they're both SO comfy and cute!) But, I don't have these. And I want them badly.

4. I confess that I'm over-the-moon excited for the return of HBO's True Blood in a couple of weeks. Bring on the crazy plot lines and ridiculous characters!

5. I confess that my eyeglasses are in such bad shape, I've taken to wearing Stephen's ancient glasses from college. I really need to make an eye appointment, but I loathe going to the eye doctor. I just need to suck it up and do it already before I go completely blind.

6. I confess that I have an irrational fear of being struck by lightning.

7. I confess that I nearly died last weekend when Stephen and I took Ruby out to the bathroom at my parents' farm and almost stepped on a Copperhead snake! Ruby barked and all the sudden, we saw its coiled body, all slithery and vile. My heart stopped momentarily, I am quite positive.

What's on your minds, bunnies?


  1. That is so funny that your husband asked you that! Totally something my husband would ask me as well! Happy Friday!

  2. Happy Friday!!!! Be careful when you go to the eye doctor while pregnant. . Sometimes with pregnancy your vision can change slightly. It shouldn't be drastic but just keep an eye out..no pun intended! LOL!

  3. I seriously need to start checking out Target for shoes. I have a 7 1/2 month friend who not only put me to shame with her energy while we were in Vegas but endured a 12 hour flight back to Alaska. I swear. She is superwoman.

  4. Your frist two confessions made me laugh.... wait until you're 5 weeks from your due date and you can't even roll over in bed.... Sigh... your tummy won't rip open, but it will feel like you can :) Hang in there- you're halfway done!

  5. I was going to tell you the same thing Mallivan said. My eyes actually got better while I was preggo!

  6. I have these shoes and LOVE them! Target also has some neon yellow shorts that match them PERFECTLY! :)

  7. I want those shoes too!! Those are adorable!!!

  8. I am dying over those shoes also! I love the whole line!


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