When the temps start to rise here in the South, I head straight to Sephora to make sure my arsenal of primer is fully stocked. There are approximately eleventy thousand primers out there on the market right now, but here are a few of my personal favorites. (And yes, sadly, I have them all.)

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance - buy here
I love, love, love all of LM's products, but especially this primer. It's great for giving skin a healthy glow, but without the extra oil.

Mac Prep + Prime Skin Brightening Serum - purchase here
This stuff is amazing for giving your complexion a little pick-me-up. It has a beautiful sheen that gives skin a porcelain finish, not to mention, it smells delicious.

Trish McEvoy Even Skin Face Primer - here
Trish McEvoy can do no wrong. This primer is exceptional for just about any skin type or texture. I'd be willing to bet you'd fall in love if you tried it.

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Powder Primer and Finishing Veil - and here
This is what I'm currently using on my skin, since the baby has given me a bit of a dewier look lately. To allow the pregnancy glow to come through without getting too shiny, I apply a thin layer of this after my moisturizer in the morning, then put on my foundation and blush, and finally go over the top of everything with another very light layer. My make-up stays put and the baby "glow" can come through without the dreaded "shiny nose".

Without primer, I'd be a soppy, gross mess. Repeat after me, "PRIMER MAKES IT POSSIBLE!"

Also, I was curious if any of you have tried the Loreal BB Cream? I really want to give it a shot, but wanted to hear what you all thought first. Is it worth a buy or should I pass?


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  1. I use the L'oreal Youth Code BB Cream and I LOVE it! I set it with a little powder and I don't feel like I need to use a foundation since it's like a tinted moisturizer. I wore it all throughout my pregnancy because it was light and easy.

    Brittany @ Everyday Thoughts

  2. Love, love, LOVE the L'Oreal BB Cream! It's a definite try, and a STEAL at about $7! Give it a shot!

  3. I have tried SO many BB Creams and I do love the feel of L'Oreal's - it blends well, and it goes on without being too thick (I feel like I need to use moisturizer with it before using, but still it's great). My issue is that I think it has a yellow tint to it.

    I use the LIGHT currently but I might try the Medium, hopefully it will be a warmer color. But the Light seems very yellow to me. I feel like I have to counter act that with some bronzer, more than I do with other products.

    Give it a whirl. I've also used the Youth Code BB, it's thicker more like Garnier's BB Cream. And the color was better. To me the regular L'Oreal BB is like make-up (much like Maybeline's) the Youth Code is more like a lotion meets BB as I think they should be.

    I like that it doesn't really have a scent either. I've noticed that Garnier, Cover Girl Fresh BB both have a scent that isn't' too bad but sort of bugs me. Maybeline's smells odd to me too - but it doesn't have a "scent" added. L'Oreal, no scent.

    Now that I've written a book my only advice, is test it. Try it. Maybe find somewhere to purchase it that has a return policy that's OK to return it for a store credit IF you don't like it :)

  4. Oh I love the BB Cream from L'Oreal! Its cheap and amazing how well it covers. I usually never go without foundation, but some days I can just use my BB cream and I am good to go! Love your blog!!

  5. I'm so glad you posted this! I spent an hour in Ulta last night looking at BB creams and ended up with nothing! I'm so confused!! I want a multi-tasking product for those run-out-the-door-days.

  6. Thanks for the great tips on primers! :) I was wondering if you had any suggestions about primer (or products in general) that are good for sensitive skin and don't have too many chemicals in it?

    Thanks a bunch!


  7. I'm glad you posted this! This is my first summer in the south! I'm originally a Midwestern girl! I'd love to know the must haves to make it through the summer in the south! I actually have a few questions about what's needed for makeup and hair! :)

  8. Love the L'Oreal BB cream, I switched from Laura Mercier and will not look back! it's definitely worth a try.

  9. I looove the primed and poreless!! =]

    just subbed !


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