Happy Birthday Ari!

Handsome birthday boy

We have a very special guy turning six years old today! He’s big, he’s furry and he has a heart of gold. Yes, he may look intimidating, but let me tell you, this guy is one BIG 120 lb. teddy bear. And his name is Ari.

Enjoying his birthday boat trip

He has the sweetest temperament, too. Just last night, we watched him sniff of a toad on the back porch. Most dogs would chase it off, or bark, or growl, but not our tender hearted Ari. He just sniffed Mr.Toad and gently nudged him back into the yard.

Hanging out with his dad

He is our ever-present guard dog who, coincidentally, saved Stephen from being mauled by two Airedales one time. He took quite a beating from that mess and the police said Stephen would have been very badly hurt if our sweet boy hadn’t intervened.

He is also my constant jogging partner and, let me tell you, no one has ever stopped to mess with me when he’s around ; ) Of all the dogs I've known in my lifetime, this guy might be the sweetest and most well-behaved.

We are grateful for another year spent with our gentle giant - Ari. We love you very much big guy. 

P.S.- If anyone out there is looking for a great family dog, we would highly recommend the German Shepherd breed. They are AMAZING with our little niece and nephews and such gentle, loving dogs. Email me if you have any questions! We are major advocates for GS!


  1. He's such a pretty dog! I have a golden retriever and I've often thought that if I ever adopt another dog in the future, I'd like to have a GS. They are beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday Ari!! He's gorgeous and looks just like my sweet Gunner did. :)

  3. Happy birthday to the handsome boy! I think we spoke once about how wonderful GSD's are. Mine is only a 1/2 GSD and she is the biggest sweet heart and prevented me being mugged once. Best dogs ever.

  4. What a handsome Birthday Boy!!! Hope he has a wonderful day full of loves and treats...but I don't think that would be different from any other day ;) We have a 8 month GS "puppy" yet she is nearly 70 lbs. already! She has similar coloring to Ari and she is a longer haired as well. Love our fluffy girl..they are definitely THE BEST breed to own. :)

  5. Happy Birthday Ari! What a sweet, sweet dog!

  6. Ahhh! So cute! Happy birthday to your lil puppers!!



  7. What a beautiful dog! He seems like such a sweet, protective pup.

    We are on the search for a puppy that will be good with our kittens, and it is nearly impossible. I want a dog that I can run with, but won't have to constantly worry about with the cats.

  8. Happy Birthday, ARI! So happy he has such sweet owners!

  9. I completely agree! We have a GS and he is exactly how you described your dog. It just astonishes me how many people are afraid of him and will see us out for our nightly walks but instead of passing us they will cross the street to avoid us. When in reality, our Charlie LOVES strangers and strange nice dogs...and all he wants to do is just say hi!

  10. As soon as I saw the first picture I knew I needed to comment. My husband is trying to convince me that GS is a great family dog but I'm pretty scared of anything bigger than a pug! He's going to be thrilled someone else is on his side.

  11. I fostered a German Shepard for a few months. It was the best dog ever!! We recently adopted a German/Chow mix. She is just as loyal.

  12. I love seeing Ari on your page today!!! Yay for dogs and the joy they bring to us pet owners. :)


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