Confessional Friday: {Link-up}

via Mrs. Lillien

Can you believe it's Friday again? This week flew by for me, which is just fine, since I'm oh-so-ready for a holiday weekend. Ready to confess? Good. Let's do it.

1) I confess that I always have a brief heart attack when a car suddenly pulls out into the turning lane so that they can "merge" into traffic. Y'all know what I'm talking about? I always, always panic, thinking they don't see my car and that they're just going to careen right into the side of me.

2) I confess that it feels good to be doing outfit/fashion-related posts again. I felt so disgusting and vomitous (sure, it's a word...sure it is), that dressing up for pics did not feel very fun. That first trimester of pregnancy is for the birds. I finally feel like myself again...and I like it.

3) I confess that I am just SEVEN posts away from my 1,000th blog post! Holy smokes, that's a lot of blogging! Can y'all believe I've been at this for FOUR years? I cannot. It blows my mind.

4) I confess that I have no earthly idea what I'll write about for the 1,000th blog post, either. I feel an immense amount of pressure to produce something stellar...but, like most everything around here, it will probably pertain to t-shirts, high heels, hair curling or random celebrity gossip. All meaningful things in their own right.

Okay, you're up, kids. Tell me what's on your minds.


  1. Love your Confessional Fridays :) have a great long weekend

  2. 1,000th blog post?! You go girl! Happy friday!

  3. I think you should have a link up and we should all wear cute shoes, take pictures and link up! Ha.

  4. So glad to know I'm not the only one who feels that way when traffic merges! Lol :-)


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