A Must-Read from my SIL

For starters, my prayers go out to all the victims of the tornadoes this week in Oklahoma. I cannot imagine the terrible heartbreak and overwhelming loss that they are feeling. I hope that they are able to find comfort through prayer and our Lord during the coming days, weeks and months.

There are several posts waiting in the queue this week, but when I read this article my sister-in-law wrote, I knew I needed to share it with y'all. If you're an expectant mom, (right here!), a new mom or a long-time mom, I think you'll identify with her sentiments.

Weather pending for outfit photos, I should have two fun posts coming this week featuring cute threads from Riffraff and Savoir-Faire. We shall see how the forecast plays out, I suppose.

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  1. We have had a hard couple of days. Great article. My mom has a daycare in our home, one of the little boy cousins were at one of the schools, they were found fine. Their house was damaged. xxxxx


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