A Little of This, A Little of That

I rarely blog on Sundays, but the darn humidity is so thick outside, it has turned into an inside kind of day. We had every intention of going to Heber Springs to visit my parents this weekend, but I was so sick (hyperemesis...pregnancy puking) on Friday and Saturday, that those plans fell through.

Instead, between trips of running to the loo, we planted our summer flowers, looked at tile and hardwood (we're getting ready to tile our master shower and replace our carpet with hardwood in hopes of helping Stephen's allergies) and took the pets for a few walks.

Here's a little randomness for your Sunday:

1. Have y'all tried the Kuhn Rikon knives? Let me say: WE ARE OBSESSED. These puppies will glide through a watermelon like it's a stick of butter. We received one as a wedding present and I finally broke down and bought a couple more off Amazon today. Check 'em out, if you're in the market for some new knives, (or just fed up with your current set.)

2. I really want to dress up our front door for summer. If I were crafty, I might attempt to DIY the sucker, but since we know I'm not, I'm relying on my friends at Etsy. I am LOVING the little initial door hangings and I think this S would be just perfect for us. Thoughts?

3. Have you Instagrammers downloaded the super fun A Beautiful Mess app? It's the perfect little tool to add cute words, doodles and borders to your pics! Read more about it here.

4. With our steak tonight, we'll be devouring some more of The Pioneer Woman's Crash Hot Potatoes. These are a MUST if you're a meat 'n potatoes kinda gal, (or if you cook for a meat 'n potatoes kinda guy.)

5. And finally, because I'm baby crazy right now with our little Caroline on the way, I bring you the Baby London Victoria line featured on Zulilly today. Cannot get over this adorable Yellow Joan Top & Bloomers for a sweet summer outfit option on baby! Since Cee will be a fall babe, I may have to go ahead and order this in a bigger size for her to sport next summer : )

Hope your weekend has been a fabulous one, love muffins. Until tomorrow...


  1. I love the crash hot potatoes...we made them for the first time a few weeks ago - obsessed! Also, I am going to have to try those knives; they look so great.

  2. Those knives are seriously the best! Coming from a chef, that's a high praise. :)

  3. Check out this etsy store - they are local (Fayetteville) :) Just had them do a huge circle monogram for my sewing/embroidery office...super cute!!!


  4. I'm definitely going to try out those knives, I'm in the market for some new ones! Love the summer outfit for little Cee!



  5. look at your cute little self :)
    monogram letters? look up woodenletters.net- the cheapest i have seen!!

  6. Ok I need those Knives...not just because they work but they have polka dots on them!!!! Love your blog newest follower here! Follow me back @ www.nightchayde.blogspot.com


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