Confessional Friday: {Soon-to-be-Mommy Edition}

I wanted to change things up for my Confessional this week and fill y'all in on what's really been going through my head lately:

1. I confess that I am sick of puking, (no pun intended). Morning sickness, (or all day sickness, in my case), is for the birds. Caroline, if you're listening, please give mommy a break : )

2. I confess that I really do feel some days like I'm living a dream. I really cannot believe that God has given me this life and I'm living it. Just needed to say that out loud.

3. I confess that being a mom excites me to no end. It also terrifies me. And worries me. And makes me so happy that I feel I might burst.

4. I confess that before Stephen and I got married, I never really had notions of becoming a mom. In fact, I was that chick making a quick exit at the baby showers when everybody started passing the baby around, ha!

5. I also confess that I can't imagine not having kids with Stephen. Something about meeting someone that you love more than life itself...well, it makes you want to create little someones with that person.

6. I confess that changing other children's dirty diapers makes me gag. In fact, I've only done it a few times. I'm told this changes though when the kiddo is your own. I think the good Lord must give us strength to raise our own babies. And change their stinky diapers.

7. I confess that I have no clue how to make a bottle or swaddle a baby.

8. I confess that I will not be taking bare belly maternity pics. That's fine for anyone else - hey, to each her own - but this chica isn't participating. No ma'am. Not something the world needs to see from me.

9. I confess that Stephen and I text back and forth daily about the exciting things that we'll get to do with our baby girl. First trip to Reynolds Stadium for a Hogs game, first trip to Rick's Bakery for donuts on Saturday morning, first trip to her Grandpa Lacy's farm...the list goes on. Good thing we have a long time to fit it all in.

10. I confess that the thought of breast feeding scares the mess out of me. (Can I admit that? Sure. It's Confessional Friday.) I mean, you are a walking dairy case. And a source of food for a living being. And those are my boobs! (Okay, enough. I'll stop. I just had to get that off my chest.) Pun intended.

11. I confess that each piece of unsolicited advice that I receive about our child makes me want to punch that advice giver in the face.

12. I confess that I started crying yesterday just staring at the sweet ultrasound photo on my phone. It's a feeling like no other to know that you helped create that face, that body, that beating heart.

13. I confess that, at this moment, I have a baby fluttering in my tummy, a puppy asleep on my lap, a husband laughing hysterically at a re-run of The Office...and he's begging me to stop blogging and hang out with him.

And frankly, who could say no to that?

Later, gators.


  1. If there is one thing you should get, get the Woombie. I never could swaddle either and this amazing invention has helped. Puts my girl to sleep without her waking herself up with flying arms

  2. Your confessions are so cute! I am totally that girl that makes early exits from baby showers.

  3. You are so cute! I had many of those fears while pregnant too! And it is so much easier to change your own baby's diapers, or breastfeed than I ever thought it would be! I shared my breastfeeding experience on my blog and have invited guest bloggers to share their's every week....it might help you feel more comfortable if you read some of the stories other's have shared! xoxo

  4. Your fears are totally normal, I shared many of them! The good news is that you can buy swaddlers so you don't have to learn how to wrap a blanket (they work better anyway) and directions to make a bottle are on the back of the can of formula (if you go that route). I had NEVER changed a diaper when I had Connor - totally grossed me out - but yet when I changed his for the first time it was like I knew exactly what to do. It just HAPPENS! It's so wonderful! I hope you start feeling better soon. PS - love the name Caroline - that's our girl name for the future! :)

  5. Breastfeeding TOTALLY freaked me out before. Like...I just thought the whole concept was sooooo weird. But, (for me) once she came it was just so natural and easy...and I did it for 10 months...but now that I've been done for a while it feels weird again to think about! CRAZY!

  6. I'm happy you confessed all of this. I also don't know how to make a bottle, swaddle a baby, or change a diaper w/out gagging (or change a little boy's diaper) clean up worries me, breast feeding worries me, but you have the upper hand you're having a little girl anyway... fear be damned! You got this. And I will learn through you and get brave enough to make a little one of my own soon! ox

  7. I don't have children of my own but I was in a serious relationship with a man that had a daughter that was 8 months old when we moved in together. I was always a diaper gagger as well and even without her being my own that totally changed. Before our relationship ended I dealt with everything from "poo painting" and blowouts all the way up her back to projectile vomit that I literally caught in my bare hands and never even flinched and she wasn't even "mine" - you'll do fine!

  8. How cute are you? You will do a great job because you love that baby to death already! :)

  9. Love this! You are going to be an amazing mommy! Hapy Friday!

  10. i hope you feel better!


  11. So sorry to hear that you are so sick. I can relate after having been sick with both my kiddos. But one this is obvious how much you and your hubby love this sweet baby girl already and that is the greatest gift you can give her - not to mention will make you great parents. Fears are all part of the game - but you will do great!!

  12. I felt the exact same way about breastfeeding before I had a baby. I was totally set on just pumping because it seemed like the best way to go for me, baby got the good milk and it was all so easy to plan. Ha! I HATE pumping now and stopped as soon as I realized that it just was not for me. I've been BFing my little girl for almost 9 months now and I have loved it and hope to go 12 months. Never ever would have thought that would be the case. It's crazy how many things I thought about one way and then totally changed once she arrived!

  13. The unsolicited advice will just keep coming. Stick your fingers in your ears -la-la-la. I am a big believer in trusting your mommy intuition. You don't have to follow the advice of all those books you're reading or enforce schedules, etc. you will know your baby girl better than anyone. You got this! :)

  14. I am SO glad you said those things. My husband and I aren't quite ready for kids yet but I share in some of the same fears and irritations. It made me feel "more normal" knowing it wasn't just me - and I hope it gives you a little peace knowing you're not alone in those fears either. So excited for you and your hubby in welcoming your little girl later this year! I hope you begin to feel better VERY soon!

  15. I totally agree with you. I have no idea how to "swaddle" a baby and I am so not taking the bare tummy maternity pictures. I get super self conscious :/

  16. I'm so glad to know breast feeding scares someone else along with me! It's something I'm sure I'll learn and become okay with, but for now, not so much.

    Have a fab weekend with S + C!

  17. Yes, yes, and YES to all of these things. Pregnancy brigs out so many wonderful thoughts and emotions. I feel like I felt all of these EXACT same things just a short time ago. Now that I've successfully kept a little person alive for a whole month, I feel like I'm qualified to tell you that you're absolutely right. About all of it. :)

  18. I agree with you on the belly baring photos (oh and the ones where the husband and wife are making hearts with their hands on the bare belly? no.)

    But my cousin did this: http://www.laurenk.co.za/2013/04/magical-forest-owl/

    (my cuzzie is the one in the blue dress.) This is completely different than any maternity photos I have ever seen and I am stealing the idea. You get to be a princess!!! Just a thought if you want to capture pregnancy without baring a belly.

  19. I am so cracking up! Three kids down and I totally understand! You should be fearful, but a good fear. What you guys are about to embark on is an awesome adventure. Hard at time, but amazing. Here is your unsolicited advice from me....hard to hit me 700 miles away! Figure out swaddling, you will get so much more sleep. Breast feed or at least try. Meals on the go are the easiest way, once youmget the hang of it. Bf'd all three and still going on SEE. Not much better than seeing you and S's creation growing from what God intended. Every fat roll compliments of YOU!. Find a good friend who has and use her on days that you want to quit. I am a huge bf proponent. Could go on forever. Get a carrier to babywear. I have a Moby and Ergo. Both worth every penny. Strollers get too in the way and baby's like to be close to mommy, not staring at people's crotches! Pray...that will get you through it all. Prepare for screw ups but know that God has trusted you two with this beautiful baby Caroline. You will do good! Still so excited for you guys!

  20. I was convinced that I would NOT breastfeed because it was so "weird", but the lactation consultant at the hospital convinced me to try it and I'm so glad I did! I'll admit it was really tough getting up at night every couple of hours to nurse, but looking back, it really was a special bonding time for my daughter and me. I think that's the part I miss most about having a baby. McKinley is six now and she nursed until she was about 2 1/2. I wouldn't change it for the world. I say give it a try! If it doesn't work, don't worry. But if it does, I bet you'll love it :)

    Good luck!

  21. Some of the things your most stressed out about never become an issue (and others do...nature of the beast I guess).

    I took all this time to learn to swaddle, and E absolutely HATED having her arms bound.

    As far as breastfeeding goes....I was gung ho about it, but ended up never producing enough milk. Within a month E was an all formula baby.

    Trust me, as scared as you are your baby will communicate her needs/likes/dislikes to you.

    You two will be great parents!

  22. Oh girl, you were born to be a mama! Such a great post and spoken only like a mama could... As a mama myself, I am sharing my experiences (I promise it isn't unsolicited advice!) -
    I was scared of breastfeeding, it worled really well in the beginning but it was also super exhausting and restricting. I stopped at 4 months and my 14 month old little girl has never been sick... Possibly breast isn't always best.
    I put on a lot of weight and definitely didn't want any preggy belly pics but I now look back on them with pride and I treasure them - for us to see, not the public.
    I learnt the art of swaddling, just for our little princess to prefer her hands on her face. No lessons needed. Motherly instinct kicks in!
    She is all yours - you two will find your sweet way together, and it is MAGICAL.


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