Bumpdate: {18 Weeks}

Gender: A sweet baby GIRL! Caroline Rose Sisti will be making her debut in October : ) I've always dreamed of decking a little girl out in bows and dresses, so I've had a ball shopping Zulilly lately. People have also been gifting this little girl like crazy! Caroline is blessed : )
From the sweet girls at Maude...full post their awesome gift store coming next week!

From my sweet friend Taylor...aren't the little rosebud appliques just precious?!
Um, okay...I bought these. Sorry, I just couldn't help it!

Her daddy thought she needed this...and so did I. 

Weight Loss/Gain:  Lost three pounds this week, putting me below pre-pregnancy weight again : ( I've been SO sick again this week, for whatever reason. I've resigned to the fact that this pregnancy is just going to consist of lots of yacking. Lovely. Doc says he isn't a bit worried though, since baby is good and my health is good, too.

Awesome photo quality, I know. This was definitely taken in my office's bathroom five minutes ago. Goo. 

Cravings:  Lately, I've been enjoying lots of fresh berries for snacks. I still can't get enough salads, and Chick-Fil-A chicken noodle soup is still a lunchtime staple. For dinner, we've been enjoying our normal things. Steak has tasted especially delicious.

Favorite Moment this Week: Getting to spend a whole hour yesterday looking at our sweet girl during her anatomy scan. By the way, she says "hi". 
Taken yesterday at her anatomy scan. She says, "Hey, blog world!"

Funniest Moment this Week: Telling Stephen how happy I was that the hyperemesis had finally ended and then, subsequently, getting sick every day since. We visited Stephen's family for dinner last Saturday night and I had to make a quick exit at one point to "get sick". I mean really, is there anything more inconvenient?

Sleeping: Sleeping pretty well this week, but I do wake up once or twice each night with "stretching" pains. Usually though, the heating pad lulls me right back to sleep. 

Clothes: Still regular clothes, which is awesome since I don't really want to invest in maternity clothes just yet. Again, there has never been a better time to be with child, as so many non-maternity styles work just fine for a pregnant body. 

(A new addition to the bumpdate) 
Most looking forward to: Seeing friends and family this weekend in Heber Springs (my hometown) for the first time since we got pregnant. We are heading down for my brother and his fiancee's wedding shower, and we can't wait.


  1. So teeny! You are adorable. As long as the doctor says you and baby Caroline are fine, then no worries! Sorry you've been so sick :(

  2. i hate that you've been so sick! but girl, i look like i could be pregnant and carrying you! that's how large and in charge i am :)
    and if you think baby girl clothes are cute now, just wait until you see them ON your baby girl. there's nothing like it in the whole world :)

  3. Love her name!

    I hope the sickness subsides soon!

  4. Love her sweet, southern name! Sorry you have been so sick!

  5. I love her name! Caroline has always been one of my favorites for a girl. And I love your outfit!

  6. I don't know if I have had a chance to congratulate you yet, so congratulations! I love love love her sweet name too, it's perfect!

  7. That green dress is precious!!!

    You look amazing! If you'd like I will gladly send you some of my non-baby weight if you're in need ;)

    If the doc says you're OK - keep smiling through the YACKING! We're all thinking and rooting for you and your baby girl!

  8. I am SO excited you are having a girl. The green dress is gorgeous.


  9. Such a sweet profile! Doesn't your heart melt when you see that? I'm pregnant with our first and I'm 22 weeks. Finally starting to show a tad. My husband keeps asking when I'm going to show, as he has seen so many pregnant women that have huge belly's at 22 weeks. I didn't think mine was ever going to come either, but slowly but surely he started showing. Congrats! It's such an amazing experience.

  10. You are such a precious preggo! I hope your sickness subsides soon and you can enjoy your pregnancy without yacking! :)

  11. Leslie,
    Please take a look at some of my hair accessories! Also, any burp cloths, bibs, or wipe cases! I'd love to send you a few!


  12. feel better soon!
    love your outfit!
    and the girl clothes OH MY WORD!! i have two boys so i drool over all the little girl clothes : )

  13. A sweet southern name! I hope your sickness subsides soon sweet girl.. I love the clothes they are too cute :)


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