Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

It's time once again, ladies. Confess your innermost thoughts below and link up with your co-bloggers!

1. I confess that I made these enchiladas last night and I had thirds. Not seconds - thirds.

See what I did there with those tomatoes and that cilantro? Delicious!

2. I confess that I have found, and subsequently have fallen in love with, a new hairdresser. Her name is Kara and she is amazing. I love, love, loved the highlights she did for me!

3. I confess that our baby's initials are CRS ; )
($10 to the first person to tell me if those are male or female initials...and what they stand for, haha!)

4. I confess that I think I'm officially growing tired of chevron. I feel like it has just been done to death...clothes, decor, etc. Anyone else ready for a new print trend?

5. I confess that we're in the process of planning a babymoon. Anyone out there have any good recommendations for a quick getaway? So far, Savannah, GA, is at the top of our list. Romantic rendezvous before Baby S arrives? YES, please!

Okay, bunnies...tell me what's on your mind!

P.S. - Don't forget to come back here Sunday for a VERY special announcement. A cat (and its name) may be let out of the bag ; )


  1. Can't wait for Sunday! I have literally NO idea, based on the initials alone, what you may be having...But for some reason, I've been thinking boy all along. Can't wait to see if I've been right:) Happy Friday sweet girl!

  2. hmmmmm, I'm going to try and guess a name for each gender. I doubt I'm going to get it because I can see you being on TOP of the name trends, or completely bucking the trend and going old fashioned...

    Girl: Cameron Ruth S

    Boy: Carson Randall S

    I was going to guess Chevron something but then I read your confessions ;)

  3. I guess Catharine Rose. Can't wait for the announcement!

  4. I'm going to guess it is a boy named Colten Rafe!? or maybe it is a girl named Caroline Rae.. I tried!

  5. Ooooooh! Easy $10 for this chica!!! ;) haha!!

    CRS! Can't wait to meet you!!!

    Love, Aunt Sarah

    PS - Excited to see y'all tomorrow!!

  6. The suspense is killing me! Can't wait to hear the grand unveiling of baby "S" and it's name! :)

  7. I'm hoping the C stands for "Cohen" or another C boy name, seeing as how I only have about 15,000 monogrammed "C" and "Cohen" smocked outfits, shirts, bibs, etc. :)

  8. I am SO READY FOR SUNDAY! I seriously am super excited about finding out what baby Sisti is...I think it's a girl and her name will be Caroline :)

  9. you have us on pins and needles! :)

  10. So excited for your announcement! I am tired of Chevron too. Eh.


  11. I'm from Savannah and love it! You definitely should babymoon out here!

    I'll guess boy. Cayson Robert S.

  12. Can't wait for Sunday! And you should look into going to Charleston for your babymoon!!! So many beautiful sites to visit and amazing food!

  13. Creighton Ricardo Sisti ... am I right?! ;)

  14. I would say Savannah/Tybee! You would be able to do a beach trip and a history trip with cute B&B's and the downtown beauty!

    I have a friend with a gorgeous little beach condo she rents out if y'all end up wanting to go down. I'll forward you her info if you end up needing it :)

  15. I agree on the chevron! I was never a big fan in the first place and am so over it! :)

    Please check out my blog when you get a chance! I'm also from Arkansas! (Fort Smith!)



  16. LESLIE. I wanted to text you my responses to your confessions, but I decided to post them here.
    1. i thought that enchalada was from a restaraunt (looks so fancy!) - would have been hard to ask for thirds from a waiter/waitress i presume... ;)

    2. i LOVE that you LOVE kara! I hope she reads your post!

    3. i hope the C & R are amazing italian names.

    4. DITTO. gag on chevron.

    5. why not venture to the beachy carolina coast? and then take me with you. please & thank you!

  17. i think the baby is a boy !/
    agree 100% on chevron , it was cute but now is being WAY overdone

    make Asheville, NC one of your possibilities!
    I used to work at the Grove Park Inn Spa & it is fabulous for a babymoon, not to mention the Biltmore and all the wonderful food there :)

  18. 1. Love your highlights!
    2. I'm thinking girl and no clue on the name...
    3. I've been over chevron for months now...it needs to stop
    4. I would recommend the Biltmore in Asheville, NC or Charleston, SC.

    p.s. can't wait to find out on Sunday!

  19. Ahh can't wait till the big reveal! The anticipation's killing me! I'm thinking boy for some reason... :)

  20. I'm not tired of chevron and that's because while I liked it I never bought a single thing in that pattern! Story of my life. Your hair looks so pretty. Have a great weekend.

  21. Ok - I'm your Twitter stalker (@kakes_w) and I confess I cannot wait for Sunday!!

    I must also confess that your enchilada picture about made me gag over the cilantro. Blech!!

    I don't have a clue what name those initials might stand for but I get the feeling it's a boy!!

  22. I also meant to add that I think Savannah would be an excellent choice for the babymoon. I got to visit there overnight for my first time recently and I would love to go back for a long weekend.

  23. My hubby and I have been to Savannah twice. Once for a day/night only on our honeymoon and then on our second anniversary he surprised me with a trip back. It is a fabulous city. We stayed at the River Street Inn. We did some of the typical tourist stuff but we also just toured on our own as everything is in walking distance and the parks are too beautiful to miss. We ate at The Old Pink House for our anniversary dinner. Delicious! It has been featured in magazines and TV shows. A bit haunted but very very nice and romantic. Then we took a carriage ride through the city after dinner. You can go to the Savannah vistors page and look at the tourist guide book. Beautiful city you will not regret visiting!!! Personally I can't wait to get back there! We didn't make it to Tybee Island but hear is just as beautiful!

  24. If it's a boy I think Conner.

  25. So funny! I am pregnant with our first, a boy, and 20 weeks tomorrow. We are going to Savannah for our babymoon over 4th of July. Since it's a Thursday, we are spending Thursday - Sunday there. If you decide to go and decide to go at the same time, I would love to meet up! We plan on watching the fireworks on the river, then going on a ghost tour and regular Historical tour. I made fancy smancy reservations one night at Noble Fare, which I heard is amazing and another night at Lady & Sons. ;) I can't wait to eat my way through the city!

  26. Here's my guess:
    Girl: Charlotte Rose S
    Boy: Connor Ryan S

    As for the babymoon, New orleans! There's tons of things to do there (we went there for part of our honeymoon)such as a carriage ride around the French Quarter, the aquarium, lots of fun little shops, street car ride..you will love Magazine Street- lots of funky little shops. Not to mention the food!

  27. Have you considered Rosemary Beach? Beautiful and serene!
    PS-Can't wait for the cat and it's name to be out of the bag!

  28. I know you said you were going to share your new way of curling your hair/style next week, but I just saw this infomercial on TV and couldn't help but wonder if this was your new technique!

    The air curler! https://www.aircurler.com/

    Just when you thought there was nothing left to invent. Although...it is tempting to buy and try.

  29. Girl-Charlotte Riley

  30. Hmm...

    Charlotte Rose

    Charley Rose

    Chloe Rosario

    Cullen Ruppert

    Christopher Robin

    Callum Ray

    Caleb Ray

    Carson Rock

    Coleton Ryder

    Charlie Ray

  31. Forget Savannah and head to Charleston, SC. All the same amazing southern charm as Savannah without the smells and dirtiness of it. Or go to Tybee Island, GA. I got married there. It's amazing!

  32. Hi Leslie! Just wanted to drop by and tell you that Savannah is amazing! I am a GA native and love gong to Savannah! Also, a few other places relatively close with the same feel as Savannah are Charleston SC, Amelia Island FL, and Fair Hope Alabama. But as I am a GA girl I vote for Savannah!

  33. I am so excited for Sunday! I am guessing boy and Christopher Robert....very royal sounding I think!!!

  34. I'm voting on Charlotte...for the name, not the babymoon location.

  35. I'm still saying boy! My guess: Camden Richard!

  36. If you are considering Savannah for your babymoon, you should also consider Charleston, SC! It is very similar to Savannah but it has it's own character as well!

  37. That enchilada looks delicious! Im one of your newest followers. I found your link on GlitzNGrits. I would love for you to stop by my blog!


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