State Love

Who doesn’t love a comfy t-shirt? I mean, to dislike the tee would be akin to not liking, I dunno, puppies. Or babies. Or pie.

Get the one I'm wearing,the Heart Arkansas Green Raglan Baseball Tee, here!

Sweet Kirsten of Riffraff was kind enough to gift me with one of her adorable State Love tees last week and, let me tell you, I’ve already worn it two times. In seven days. I wore it out shopping on Saturday, paired with leggings and some new Nike kicks. Even the hubs was all, "Where'd you get that cool t-shirt?" (Read: He wanted to know if they had them in his size.)


To me, these tees make the perfect top for summer. Throw it over a bathing suit for the lake, sport it at the gym, dress it up with skinnies and a bold necklace for an evening out ‘n about…the sky is the limit.

This week, (now - Saturday), Riffraff will donate 20% of sales on State Love shirts to victims of the OK tornadoes. Do some good and score a comfy shirt today, gals!


  1. These Tees are adorable, i love the idea of getting an oversized state tee to wear as a bathing suit cover up! Can't wait to check them out!!!

  2. that tee does look so comfy and fab -- love it! xo


  3. Love your baby bump...Cee is totally showing!!!
    Wishing there was a cute state love tee for New York...I would order one. Riffraff has the most adorable stuff!!

  4. This is beyond cute! Such a great tshirt and a great way to show off your home state love!

  5. In love. I'll have to check them out when I get home.

  6. I love it! I want a CA shirt and I've seen them but if it goes to a good cause that's as good an excuse as any to shop. Actually, it's finally a really good excuse!

  7. Love these! I have the OKlahoma Love, but I'm thinking I need the baseball tee.

  8. I love a good comfy tee. I love them even more now that I'm running around chasing a baby most of the time. I really think the red cross donation is a perfect reason for me to scoop up a California Love shirt.

    Thanks for sharing!

    btw...your bump is adorbs!!

  9. Such a cute top!
    I love the idea of pairing it with leggings & sneaks.
    Perfect for running errands!

    Look at Baby Caroline growing!
    You look stunning, as always friend!

  10. This is adorable and looks SO comfy! Plus a cute baby bump is always the perfect accessory ;)


  11. Um, where are those wedges from? Can you email me and tell me, I need to know! Adrienne7983@yahoo.com


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