Bumpdate: {17 Weeks}

Just three weeks away from the half-way point!

Stephen wanted in on the action...he was feeling left out, ha!

First...pregnancy hair = AWESOME. It's so easy to style and I'm loving how fast it grows! (I tried out a new curling method and will be sharing next week in a video blog!)

Weight Loss/Gain?  Gained another pound this week, putting me just a few pounds shy of pre-pregnancy weight…woot! Hoping to hit that target by the end of the month, as long as I can keep this sickness at bay. It’s nice to see color finally returning to my skin, too. Pea green does not a pretty complexion make!

Cravings:  I’m still enjoying fresh salads with lots of crunchy veggies, especially tomatoes and banana peppers, (and bacon bits…oops!) And ranch dressing. Can’t forget my ranch dressing. Also, I’ve decided this baby just isn’t a sweet-lover. Although I’ve never been a huge fan of cupcakes or cake or anything with frosting, this pregnancy has really made me have an aversion to sweets. So weird how much a baby changes your taste buds.

It's a shame he has no personality ; )
Favorite Moment this Week: Feeling Baby S move for the first time! It was more of a flutter, but it was completely unmistakable. I was sitting at my desk on Tuesday afternoon and felt it happen. I got so excited that I immediately had to email Stephen : )

Funniest Moment this Week: Seeing Ruby use my baby bump as her own personal lap pillow.

Sleeping: Insomnia is still in full force, unfortunately. I’m afraid my days of good sleep have come to an end. I’ve always had a hard time getting a good night’s rest, but even more so now that I feel like my stomach is going to rip open, (sorry…I know that was graphic.) It just feels SO stretched and pulled and I know it only gets worse.

Still though, I marvel that the body can stretch and move to accommodate another human being! Simply amazing.

Clothes: Still regular clothes, but I did buy a Be Band (the Liz Lange for Target pregnancy band) so that I could unbutton my pants after dinner without them falling down, ha! It’s awesome because a lot of today’s styles work for a maternity body…flowy tops, maxi dresses, etc. It’s a stylish time to be pregnant, for sure.

In other news, the bump is starting to pop! I’ve heard 17-22 weeks is the time for a lot of girls to start showing, and I think it’s true. I LOVE my bump and have so much fun getting dressed up lately! I find myself resting my hand on it when I’m not thinking about it : )

Finally, we have a big announcement coming this Sunday...stay tuned ; )


  1. Eeek! Now I am so excited for Sunday! Could it be the gender reveal? Keep gaining that weight sweet girl! You are looking great:)

  2. Stephen is hilarious! So excited for y'all. I'm going with a boy reveal this Sunday.


  3. Gender? Yes/no? You two are just adorable. And loving the pregnancy hair! Blessings to you.

  4. Teach me your hair ways!! I NEED to curl my hair like that ASAP. yay!

  5. excited to see your big reveal on sunday!!! praying for you!!

  6. Can't wait for your announcement!
    Have a blessed day, pretty lady!

  7. Yay! I hope it's gender reveal... or are you having TWINS????

  8. So jealous you have felt movement! I'm 17 weeks and 3 days and haven't felt anything yet. The placenta is anterior which means it's acting as a buffer between babe and me, bummer. Can't wait find out your exciting news, gender reveal maybe? :)


  9. You look so darling!!! I've been dying to know how you curl your hair...it always looks so petfect :)

  10. Can't wait to hear the big announcement. You guys are like the cutest couple EVER!

  11. Lauren - Haha, nope! Just one bambino : )

  12. After looking at your little bump I'm convinced I'm 40 weeks pregnant! :-) You look great and I'm glad you're starting to feel better. I can't wait to her the BIG news!

  13. Must know where you got that amazing black and gold necklace!! Love.

  14. I am 21 weeks pregnant.....and can totally relate to the taught tummy! I told my husband to push out his belly as far as it can go and then keep it that way all day and night ;)


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