And On Tuesday...

Today's post has no topic, which coincidentally is my favorite topic. It's sort of how this blog started, after all. No topic, no theme, no motive or direction...and now look at us - five years later and still talking about the same nonsense.

So with that in mind, I present Randomness. (Served fresh daily!)

-It's a snow day in Northwest Arkansas, so no driving in to the office or going to daycare for the little lass or me. We are going a teensy bit bananas, as this is the second day we've been stuck inside, but hopefully this ice starts melting off the roads by tomorrow morning. Also, Caroline has refused to nap today, which should make for a SUPER fun baby come 8 p.m. tonight. (Mommas, y'all know what I'm talking about, yes?)

I caught this pic for Instagram on Sunday. You can follow me at ablondeambition for more riveting photos like this one.
-With that said, I am LOVING my new part-time work schedule. It feels really weird to only go into the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays, especially on weeks when one of those days gets cancelled due to weather. But seriously, I adore getting to spend all this quality time with my baby girl. If you're a soon-to-be momma and a part-time schedule would be an option for you, I highly suggest it!  : )

-Last week was such a smashing success for the Confessional Friday link-up that I thought we'd do something similar this week again. Click HERE to read the "Getting to Know You More" questions for my Q&A style post this Friday. I'd love if everyone who participated last week would do this as a follow-up.

-I've decided that ankle boots with dresses make my legs look about five inches long. Not good for a chick who's only 5'4" anyway. I tried on some with a new dress I bought and it wasn't pretty. Or elongating.

-My Memaw (pictured above with Caroline and my Papaw) celebrated her birthday yesterday, so y'all be sure to wish her a happy day-late birthday on here, would ya kindly? (And can we talk about how fabulous she is with her spunky haircut and cute glasses?!)

Alright, I'm off to bake a blackberry cobbler because my hips and thighs are craving it.


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet Memaw, Leslie! Enjoy the snow day with sweet Caroline:)

  2. Love random posts, they are the best! I hope your Memaw has a wonderful birthday!!

  3. My lanta, we're in Fayetteville too. I have an almost two year old and I just fed her oreos for dinner because I am losing track of time with the cabin fever! Have fun with Caroline! She surely will sleep well tonight :)

  4. Love the random and I'm glad your new schedule is working for you. Minus the stir crazy that the weather is causing.

  5. Happy Birthday Memaw! I'm all about randomness on my blog so I thought this was a great post.

  6. Oh dang I meant to link up last week and then forgot!! I will try and do it this week I love this! And yay for your new work schedule! I'm so glad you are loving it!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Memaw! I loved the link up last week and am so excited about this week's, too. :) Hope the snow melts, so y'all can get out today! :)

  8. Random posts are about all I offer.. haha! Yay for a part time schedule! I hope that some day I can have that option! Hopefully the snow melts soon so you can get out of the house! :)


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