I'd like to announce a few things today!

I'm pregnant again! 
(Except not. Just kidding. But I bet you're listening now.)

No, but really...I changed the settings on my comments yesterday to give myself the ability to reply to your questions on here versus email - yippee! Not sure why it took me that long to tweak that tiny little issue, but oh well. So, if you asked a question yesterday about the hair post, check out my responses below your comments!


Also, remember the AddiBug designs giveaway? The winner is...

Jessica Miller Kelly

Shoot me an email, sweet Jessica, and I'll send Kristin your info for shipping!


Also, thank you all for your feedback and kind words regarding Monday's post about the content of this blog. Seriously, everything was so sweet and kind and, honestly, it choked me up a bit. So, with that said, here's what's going to change on this blog:




I guess I just needed some reassurance that y'all still like the menu around this joint. I aim to please, but I also aim to write from my heart. Nothing has ever been contrived or overly planned about this blog and, by gosh, I intend to keep it that way. There are a lot of "pretty" blogs in the 'sphere, but I'd like to offer something other that just appealing pics and links to jackets and purses (not that there's anything wrong with that.)

My goal has always been for this to be a place where WE can talk and connect. It's OUR blog; yes, you own a piece of it, too. 

Thank you all for reading and following me on this journey. Thank you for being my friends. 

From the bottom of my blonde heart, I mean that.


Also, I'm going to be working with my girl Aubrey Kinch very soon (though she doesn't know it yet, haha!) to tweak the design of this blog even more to make it more user-friendly. (Aubs, I will email you tonight.) I'd like to set up sections for momma stuff, video tutorials and more. So, if there's something that you'd like to see change design-wise, let me know and I'll take that into consideration.

See y'all tomorrow!

Oh, and Caroline and her amazing pink jeans say hi : )


  1. Nice one...that's the way to get us to listen! I love reading your blog regardless of the topic of the day. Style, beauty, baby, marriage, food...it doesn't matter! Just keep it real, keep it fun and keep it adorable!

  2. That is so mean!!! I was so excited!!! hahahahahaha

  3. I am so glad nothing is changing :)
    Your kid is so adorable

  4. I'm also glad nothing is changing about your blog :)... I love the variety of post from fashion to everyday life...& I LOVE those cute pink jeans on that ridiculously cute baby:):):)

  5. Your blog makes me happy. You're real, down to earth, fun and oh you have a beautiful family to boot. Definitely awesome to hear not much is changing! Keep up the fabulous work! xo

  6. Adorable picture of Caroline! I can't believe she is getting so big!


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