Confessional Friday: {My Man Crush Edition}

So, this really isn't a confession, but I do completely have a crush on this man. This guy right here. Yup, him.

I spend a whole lot'ta time talking about my baby girl on here, which is so much fun. However, there's someone else that deserves some attention today. He's the guy that stole my heart and never gave it back.

This goof. He is my favorite. 

Thank you, Stephen. Thank you for giving me grace. Thank you for giving me the confidence in myself to be a good wife and mommy. Thank you for listening to my horrible attempts at telling jokes, for listening to my rants about the Kardashians, for allowing me the opportunity to be at home with Caroline so often. Thank you for being a God-fearing man; for encouraging our little family of three to go to church and pray together. Thank you for making me feel really pretty, even when I'm covered in spit-up.

My very favorite tattooed boat captain. And his dog.

You see ladies, I married a good man. Here's a story for you:

When I got home after having the C-section, I was a puffy, bloated mess. My feet looked like cartoon drawings, I couldn't get my rings on to save my life and I walked with the grace of a four-ton elephant. It was hard seeing myself like that and, I won't lie, I cried in the hospital and asked one of the nurses, "Will I always look like this?!" (She assured me I wouldn't. And pregnant girls, neither will you.)

But every time anyone came over to visit and see the baby, Stephen would always say, "And doesn't my wife look amazing?" and squeeze my hand.

He also got up extra early for those first weeks to help me shower, help me get dressed and, yes, even help me do some not-so-glamorous stuff, like cleaning my incision. But he always told me how pretty I was and that he loved me so much.

It was the happiest time of our life, those first weeks. We learned the art of parenting. We hugged. We kissed our daughter. We fell in love with her. We fell in love with us, again and again and again.

I love you, Stephen.

Sei la mia luce. 


  1. and now i'm crying.

    so, SO sweet.

  2. Such a sweet post! There is nothing better in the world than having your husband Love the Lord:)

  3. SO, so sweet. What a blessing to have found such a special husband. You two are a lovely couple. You made me want to give my own husband a big ol' kiss and tell him I love him! Happy Valentine's Day to your precious family!:)

  4. That brought tears to my eyes! So sweet!

  5. So sweet.. And I still love how you two met!

  6. Less than an hour ago I was telling my husband how you looked SO GOOD in your going home from the hospital pictures. I believe my exact words were "She looked perfect." I also said I hoped I look half as good come April but I seriously doubt it because I will probably be in sweatpants. Reading how you felt was a little reassuring for me. ;)

  7. Tanti auguri a voi!!! Tanti baci. E buon lavora per i paroli italiani e anche inglesi al buon uomo. Xoxo


  8. *lavoro it is kind of hard to text in Italian.

  9. So sweet! Where can I find a great guy like that? I've looked everywhere...


  10. What beautiful words!! So happy for you! :)

  11. So beautiful, glad I'm not the only one that started crying after reading this!

  12. This is so beautiful!! Made me tear up! thank you for sharing this with us!

  13. This gives me hope and the last paragraph makes me want to cry.

  14. I have been so behind on reading my blogs these days, (I won't even mention my poor blogging), but I had a few moments to steal away this afternoon and was so glad to hop over and read. That being said, I completely understand and agree with how wonderful it is to have a husband to remind us how beautiful and wonderful we are. I have some HORRID scars on my legs and back from an accident a few years ago. Anytime I get down about them (especially in the summer), my sweet husband says "You are beautiful and so are your scars. They are not gross...I will kiss them." It makes me laugh and remember that just like they are the most handsome in the world to us, we are the most beautiful to them. So glad you are so happy! You are a sweet, gorgeous girl who deserves to feel loved every day!

    Boni Williamson


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