Double Mint

One color that always makes me long for warmer weather? Mint.

So, one could understand why I flipped my lid when I saw this mint shift dress on Impressions’ website a couple weeks ago. One could also see why I nearly lost all composure when I saw a coordinating necklace. If, in fact, if ever does warm up, you can bet your Birkin bag I’ll be wearing this ensemble every chance I get. (Pretty dresses and accessories have a tendency to make me lose my ever-loving mind, you see.)

Here are a few tips for pulling off this look during winter:

1. Get a tan! Mint can be super tricky to pull off without looking pasty, so be sure to hit the spray tanning booth before sporting this fresh color during the cooler months.

2. Rock some big sunnies! Because little sunnies are for wimps. And we aren't wimps around this blog, are we? 

3. Get nude! As in lipstick or lip gloss...but please do wear clothes. 

Also? I am still married, ha! I took them to get cleaned and adjusted yesterday ; )
Here are a few other spring-inspired goodies from Impressions that I plan to purchase for myself STAT! (Oh, and all of these items are also Made in the U.S.A!)

Which color has you longing for spring and summer? Maybe if we all think positive thoughts, spring will get here quickly. 

Until tomorrow, bunnies.


  1. beautiful!!! Love the big sunnies... no other way to go! ;)

  2. I so love that your #1 was get a tan.. I can't even handle the pasty! Ugh!!

  3. I'm OBSESSING over all of Impressions' new spring arrivals. I want EVERYTHING. When they posted that necklace on their instagram, I did not hesitate. I LOVE IT! I got lavender and I can't wait to rock it all spring/summer long. Damn, we got gooood taste!

  4. After all, if you can't tone it - tan it! Love the necklace and gotta get my spray tan on STAT!

  5. Love this, Leslie! Mint is perfect on you! As a fellow blonde, I think it would look good on me, as well! I have been looking for a dress for a big medical school ceremony for my husband in March - and this may be the dress. It's hard to find those 'in between' dresses that aren't too summery (i.e. sleeveless, sheer, etc) but that aren't made of sweater material either. One question: how thin is the material of this dress? Is it lined, or do you think it would require a slip?

  6. love the dress, love the necklace, love the sunnies, love mint. i love it.

  7. I am positively swooning over that necklace!

  8. I adore this dress! I have really enjoyed reading your blog. You are definitely a southern belle!! I am just starting to blog so you definitely inspire me!!

    Thank you!

    Love, Amanda @ OKCGlam


  9. How tall are you? Want to order this but unsure of length?

  10. We must be sharing the same brain thoughts today because I pulled my mint sweater out in hopes that if I dress like spring it will come! Add some wayfarers and I can pretend it is almost sandal weather. I love the pink striped dress!

  11. I love this dress & necklace together! Normally I'm not a big lover of statement necklaces, but I think you have pulled it off incredibly well!

  12. Love everything about this!! That necklace rocks! I am in desperate need of a spray tan right now too, ready for spring!! Thanks for sharing!!


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