What We Can Learn from Peyton Manning

Okay, I'll be honest. I really didn't have a dog in the fight in this year's Superbowl. Stephen and I tend to root for players we like versus teams, if that makes sense. (I guess if we had to pick a team, we'd choose the Niners or Patriots. We like the coaches and many of the players.)

But we like Mr. Manning a lot, no matter which team he's taking to the Bowl.

Here's why:

When asked this morning by a reporter if he was embarrassed by his team's performance last night, he said, "It's not embarrassing at all. I'll never use that word. There's a lot of professional football players in that room, that locker room, who put a lot of effort into being here and playing in that game. The word 'embarrassing' is an insulting word to tell you the truth."

It got me to thinking. How easy is would it have been for him to have said, "Yes. I'm ashamed. We played terribly and I knew we were sunk from that first bad snap."

Instead, he stood up for his team, his friends. He wasn't letting anyone pick on his family. I guarantee you that he didn't enjoy the outcome of that game or the numbers on that scoreboard. But instead of cursing and yelling and acting fed up, he put on a brave face and stood up for the guys he calls teammates.

It made me take a closer look at how I react when things don't go my way. Do I place blame on others to save face or, like Peyton, do I let those around me know that, no matter what, I'm proud of them? 

I think I'll choose to be like Peyton. 

Food for thought as we kick this week off...


P.S. - Props to the Seahawks for coming out to "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve. LOVED IT. Oh, and a Superbowl trophy well-deserved!!

P.P.S. - I was elated to see that Red Hot Chili Peppers's Anthony Kiedis is still alive. After the substances that the man has probably ingested during his lifetime, I'm in awe. Californication blared on my CD player (remember those?) in high school 24/7 and it was just dandy to see those guys on the stage again. Thanks for keep real music alive, boys. 

(And I kind of loved the collab with Bruno Mars. Two very good acts, in my opinion.)


  1. So glad to find someone else who enjoyed RHCP's performance! I loved both them and Bruno!

  2. I agree, Peyton is such a class act. The Seahawks deserved the win, but I was bummed to see the Broncos play the way they did.

    Bruno Mars was amazing. Great halftime show.

  3. This is why I love Peyton Manning. Kudos to him!

    I love RHCP, and Anthony still looks amazing at age 51.

  4. Peyton graduated from my alma mater, Tennessee, and this is just one of numerous examples of his true classiness. You should watch ESPN's 30 for 30 about the Manning family. It will make you just admire them even more!

  5. I thought I loved your blog already but to mention that you like the Niners was the cherry on top!

    Go NINERS!

  6. Anthony Kiedis was my rock star crush in high school. So glad to see that he still has it!

  7. Like you guys, my hubby and I didn't have our hearts set on either team winning, but were rooting for the Broncos simply for Peyton. He really is such an awesome example of a true leader. I will always adore him!

  8. I was glad to see ol' Anthony Kiedis as well. I had to take a quick look at Wikipedia during the game to see how old he is...51...and still going strong! :)

  9. Your post is spot on. Class act, the deserving team won and great music. Happy Monday!

  10. this is awesome. i loved peyton manning's words in that interview too.
    and bruno mars rocked it!

  11. This reminds me of a quote I saw on Pinterest a long time ago. It said "Don't talk bad about your husband. To anyone. Ever." and the comment underneath said "Always build him up." This really struck a cord with me. This is the person you chose to be with forever and the moment an ill thought of that person comes out of your mouth, it places doubt in him. Especially in the eyes of the person you are speaking to. This is really a lot like what Peyton did. He's always building up his team, no matter how bad a game goes.

  12. I'm glad I finally found someone who appreciates the RHCP as much as I do...oh, and CLEARLY the soundtrack to Cruel Intentions. ;)

  13. I am loving Peyton Manning after his comments as well. A true man! I always seemed to love college football more than NFL because the players seemed to play more for their team than for their individual name.
    Peyton made me love the NFL again!


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