Blue Valentine

Think pink and red are the only tickets to a fab-tab-u-lous Valentine's Day look?

Au contraire, mon ami.

I've always had a crush on the color blue, specifically royal blue. No matter what my mood, I can always get a much-needed boost of "happy" from anything in this rich hue. So, you can imagine how pleased I was about this dress I saw in Savoir-Faire last week. Oh. My.
Dress + lucite/black leather cuff bracelets c/o Savoir-Faire // jacket via H&M last year // booties via Old Navy
The side slit, the skinny straps, the subtle high-low length - I loved it all and knew it needed to be mine. Everything about it pretty much fit my 'awesome dress' checklist. Above all, it's just one of those dresses that makes me happy. 

Know what else totally blisses me out? Bracelets. Lots of them. I've currently got a think for strap/cuff style bracelets and these compliment the dress really nicely, I think.

Also? A cute dress calls for a cute pony. I did some flippy, wavy curls, combed them out and poofed the crown a bit to achieve an easy, breezy ponytail.

Not sure what exactly the hubs and I will be doing on Friday, but I do know what I'll be wearing. 

What will you be wearing on Valentine's Day? Any special plans??


  1. Where is the lion bracelet from? I am in absolute love with it!


  2. Love that you strayed from the classic outfit colors!

    -Lindsey & Amanda
    Oh Buoy Boston

  3. That is so gorgeous! Love the pony tail :)

  4. Adorable dress, and you look beautiful, of course! No plans here...we are supposed to get a foot of snow!! Gah...I think we will do dinner next week when things have slowed down a bit. :) I hope you have wonderful Valentine's Day with your TWO valentines!!

  5. Loving the royal blue :) I am also a fan! PS I don't believe you just had a baby - although you do have a great new mama glow!

  6. First, the dress is gorgeous and you look great... Second, I have a question that i've been wondering about after reading your blog and Jimmy Choos and tennis shoes blog... since you both recently had babies and are fashion bloggers and all.... How does breastfedding play a role in your fashion choices. I know for me, I stay away from dresses for the entire year that i'm breastfeeding b/c dresses almost never give great boob access. But, at the same time, I wish I could dress more stylish and still have access to the girls for the baby. I've had this problem after three babies so can you help? Like, I love the dress, but it's not something I could wear if baby was around.

  7. Just bought a royal blue and black fit and flare dress, and am so excited about wearing it - I'm loving that particular shade of blue right now, too! Your hair looks gorgeous with the soft curls at just the ends of your hair. Any suggestions/tips on how to achieve that look? I never know what types of hair tools and products I need to achieve the looks I like!

  8. Hey Leslie, I love the blue look. Although I do love pink it can be so cliche on Valentine's Day. I love that you mixed it up! I'm a sucker for February, it's my birthday month and my wedding anniversary is Valentine's Day just like my parents before me. So it's extra special in my family, God bless.

    p.s hope Caroline Rose is doing well



  9. you look gorgeous girl!



  10. You look beautiful as always :) Like a Barbie! Love seeing pics of little miss C...cherish every second they grow up so fast!

  11. love this outfit! and im totally with you on loving blue!


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