Trend Watch Wednesday: Big Hair

Oh heavens, it must be my lucky day : )

As if I wasn't lurving all the trends for fall already, this little newsflash just sealed the deal. On top of tights with shorts, python-sized scarves and clogs, we can now add BIG HAIR to the mix. You Blonde Ambitioners know that I'm a tremendously loyal fan of "the Poof"...I mean, I am southern after all. I even wrote about it in a post earlier this year with step-by-step instructions on how to create the perfect poof.

So last night I was skimming the September issue of Glamour, when what did my eyes behold?! Why, an entire write-up on the joys of sporting ginormous hair for autumn and winter! That's right, ladies, it's time to dig out your teasing combs and bobby pins, (if you ever put them up, that is.)

Design houses like Rochas and Chanel were all about some Brigitte Bardot-esque strands for their fall runway shows and many Hollywood starlets have been spotted with perfectly poofed coifs as of late.

As with everything in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to rock a bouffant hairstyle. Notice Exhibit A, above. The long, side-swept bang and toussled waves make this poofy style a definite "do". For a "wrong way" example, look no further than Snookie from Jersey Shore. (You'll notice there isn't a photo of her here...I just couldn't bring myself to put her mug on this blog.)

The key to making this style work is confidence. Those who like to blend in to the crowd, need not apply, as this style is definitely a head-turner (pun intended.)

Of course no perfect poof just spontaneously occurs...this style takes some serious work and some seriously serious equipment. Here's what I use to keep my bump intact:

-Redken Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray
This super fast-drying hairspray holds my poof in place for hours on end. It's ultra strong, but not stiff and crunchy like some mega hold hairsprays.

-Sephora Snag-Free Hair Elastics in Clear
I love these little guys for making cute, poofy ponytails or top knots. The clear bands blend right into your hair and the unique elastic fiber makes them super easy to pull out.

-Supreme Bobby Pins by Marianna
These are lifesavers when it comes to crafting big hair. Handy for wrangling stray hairs or giving your bump a little boost, these will run you about $2 for a 70 pack at just about any drugstore.

-Pin Tail Comb from Ulta
Also known as the "rat-tail", this comb is a must.  The "tail" makes sectioning off hair a cinch and the close-set teeth amp up the height of your bump. This is the most critical ingredient to a great poof, ladies.

In summary, when it comes to hair this season, go big or go home.

Be blessed, ladies-

Photo credits: Style.com, {this is glamorous}


  1. Haha I love this post! Bouffant is one of my favorite words :)

    I am from Virginia, but so close to North Carolina it's only a hop away, so I like to consider myself a southern gal (I did grow up on a tobacco farm after all!)

    Trish Suhr from Clean House used this quote in a show the other day and I just love it and had to tell ya! "Most southern women at home think the bigger the hair, the closer to the Lord. So keep it up there, he's going to see you first." Haha! Cracked me up!

  2. My first comment over here at Blond Ambition...holy sweet mother...I am southern and LOVE big hair! But I live in London and the weather is not my hair's friend. If you hang on to certain style trends long enough...they come back!

  3. I LOVE big hair and these pictures are gorgeous and inspiring!

  4. Big hair is awsome. Love these photos!

  5. I will totally be rocking the big hair this fall!

  6. big hair makes me have a big heart. love it & love being southern.

  7. I love big messy hair. It's totally my thing.

    I'm doing a giveaway if your interested.
    gangsterpixiestyle@blogspot.com or gangsterpixie.blogspot.com.

  8. Oh gosh how I love this post! I LUUUUUV some big hair and poofs. *sigh* I actually am getting ready to post some video how to's coming up. Super fun! Us Southern gals LOVE our big hair! xo

  9. I LOVE the pouf! The higher the pouf, the closer to Jesus!

  10. I love the kind of "messy" look of the first two photos. Pair that with layers and boots and you will be unstoppable.

  11. love it! Wish my hair wasn't so thin, I can never get it that big!!!

  12. Well where I come from we call it "Big Texas hair" in the perfect shade of "Dallas Blonde", but yes, I too am a fan of big ole hair. Except I like mine to be more under control than some of the rat's nest-esque runway looks. :)

  13. Me LIKE! I'm always afraid of wearing my hair huge, but now I have a good excuse! Love the last image!

    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e

  14. i have always loved the big hair!!
    don't know if i am bold enough to work it though..
    love your blog!



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