A Game, A Concert and A TV Finale

via Needtobreathe.net
Greetings, lovelies! Hope you all had a great weekend! We did A LOT, but unfortunately, I have zero pics of the entire weekend.

1. Friday night we went to see Needtobreathe at the AMP in Fayetteville. My parents drove down from Heber Springs (about 3 1/2 hours south of where we live) and we all went together. If you've never seen this amazing group live or even if you've never heard their music, I'd encourage you to do so.

via Needtobreathe.net

Their new album, The Reckoning, is currently available on iTunes for something like $9...crazy! Here's a video from YouTube of a live radio show they did a couple of years ago doing Something Beautiful, just so you can get a feel for how talented they are:

2. Saturday we played Auburn for what was a pretty exciting game! We ended up winning (woohoo!) despite some pretty iffy calls made by the refs. Auburn definitely gave us a run for our money and were good sports about the whole thing. I just love the mutual respect that the SEC teams have for one another...makes our conference unique and awesome : )

3. Saturday I made a pot of caramel apple dip for us to snack on while we watched the game. Here's the recipe, if you wanna give it a whirl:

2 pkgs. caramel candies (I buy the already unwrapped variety)
1 small can of sweetened condensed milk
1 8oz. package of cream cheese

Melt all ingredients in crock pot on high for 1 hour. After 1 hour, turn the crock pot down to it's Low setting. Serve with slices of apples for a yummy treat!

4. Last night was the season finale of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, for all the fellow RH fans out there. I wasn't surprised at what Teresa wrote in her cookbook, (I think she's a fair weather friend), but I was shocked at how she didn't own any of it. I mean, if you talk crap about your friends, at least own up to it, right?!

5. I saw a commercial for Johnny Depp's new film, The Rum Diaries and now I can't wait for October 28th to get here.

6. This weekend marked the start of mine and Stephen's scary Netflix movie month. Everything in our queue from now until the end of the month is a scary movie and I'm pumped! On our list:

Shutter Island
The Shining
Cold Creek Manor
Ghostbusters (not really scary, but a classic nonetheless)
Halloweentown (um, yes...the Disney movie...don't judge)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the Jessica Biel remake)
The Silence of the Lambs
Scream (yep, the original!)

7. I'm going through our candid wedding pics taken by friends an family and have been laughing my head off. A few gems, which I may or may not share on the blog:

-A pic of me "spanking" Stephen during his, um, dance that he did for me. Yes, this was in front of our entire wedding audience at the reception.

-A pic of my brother, (who is 19) stealing a sip of red wine from someone's glass : )

-A pic of 4 teeny little girls dancing around Stephen and laughing their heads off on the dance floor.

-A pic of my mom and Matron of Honor both sticking their hands up my dress trying to bustle it. Nothing like 4 hands grabbing your booty all at the same time, haha!

8. Get ready. I'll be showing the start of those here on the blog tomorrow : ) EEEP!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. i love halloweentown!! all three of them. :)

    cant wait to see more wedding pics.
    happy monday!

  2. Oh the caramel sounds pretty easy! I just bought some dip, I didnt even think to make it myself. Thanks!


  3. Caramels sound delish. I've got to try this!!

    I did my usual Sunday night routine, settled into bed comfortably, and watched in shock at Teresa's behavior. I mean I've been pro-Tre up until this season when her true colors come out. Her blog post on her website talks about how everything is a joke. Riiiight. Can't stand her now.

  4. Yummy :) I was playing the caramel yesterday too. I took a shortcut and made it in the microwave though...and had a little bit of a mess ;)

  5. I went to college with NeedtoBreathe--they were the worship band for our FCA at Furman in the early 00s. I didn't realize how big they were getting until recently--pretty cool. Did you see them on Leno a couple weeks ago? They were awesome.

  6. The original Scream is one of my favorite movies.... love it!

  7. I've made that caramel apple dip before and it's to die for. I love your scary movie queue. I recently watched Scream and I forgot how much I loved those movies! I didn't follow Real Housewives of New Jersey much this season. As much as I hated her, Danielle added so much more ridiculous drama to the show and it just isn't the same now. I just wasn't feeling the new people.


  8. #2 - totally agree SEC is the best conference hands down :) We play Auburn this weekend so hopefully we will have a comeback! Go Gators!

    #3 - I am SO making that this weekend :)

    #4 - Haven't watched yet but so excited - love the drama!

    - Sara @Gameday Stylist

  9. Happy Monday!
    You guys DID have a crazy busy weekend :)
    Oh my word.
    I *wish* I wasn't deathly allergic to apples because that dip with apples sounds heavenly.
    Can't wait to see pictures from the wedding...those candid's sound hysterical!!

  10. I'm def. going to have to steal that recipe, it sounds so good! The band is talented! Thanks for introducing me to them. Have a fantastic Monday :)

  11. Totally stealing this netflix list! Halloweentown will have to be the first....ya know.. to ease us in!

  12. Ohh you are CRAZY! I hate a scary movie.

    Can't wait to see the pics :)

  13. I love Needtobreathe! My husband (Nate Fowler) played a show with them when they came through Boise (ID). Love, love them! :)

  14. LOVE scary movies! And I really love that Texas Chainsaw version. It was my favorite movie for a while.

  15. I love NeedToBreathe. I'm dying to go see them when they come to Alabama in November. Happy Monday!

  16. Love Needtobreathe! And can't wait to start seeing some PHOTOS! :) Woohoo!

  17. Ooooh....don't forget "Mothman Prophecies" (SOOO SCARY!) and "Paranormal Activity". You won't sleep for a week!


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