Bumpdate: {29 Weeks}

First off - A VERY happy birthday to my Papaw!! This handsome guy is still farming and keeping my Memaw in line ; ) Love you, Papps!

Only one more week until we're into the 30's! Holy baby bump, girls - this little lady is coming soon!

This last trimester really has flown by so much faster than the first two. Although I've enjoyed this one a LOT so far, (is it weird that it has been my favorite?) I'm more ready than anything to meet our daughter.

Here are this week's third trimester updates:

Weight Loss/Gain? 11 lbs. However, it feels like 95 lbs. with all this puffiness this week – hello, Arkansas heat and humidity!

Cravings:  Nothing. Sounds. Good. It’s been hot and sticky weather-wise this week and I’m in a cooking rut. (I know that y’all know what I’m talking about.) Anyone have any awesome recipes they’d like to share with me??

I’m quickly running out of room for any and all food in my stomach, as Miss Caroline is taking up lots of space in my midsection. However, there is always room for sweet tea : )

Baby bump!!

Favorite Moment this Week:  Our first shipment of diapers arrived from Amazon and it made me SO excited for that sweet little heiney that will soon be gracing our home! Those newborn diappies are sooooo teeeeeeny and cute!

Funniest Moment this Week:  Stephen and I danced at my brother’s wedding last Saturday and it was so funny having to stand awkwardly apart because the bump was in the way. We felt like two middle schoolers at a dance, ha!

Sleeping: Not so great, but I’m surprisingly not tired at all. I’ve found I can actually function on 4 hours or so, just fine, even at work. I have a feeling the good Lord is preparing me for Cee’s arrival soon.

Clothes: They haven’t arrived yet, but I ordered two pairs of pants and a dress from ASOS, plus a pair of pants and a top from Zulily this week – all maternity. Until then, just wearing dresses and sporting the BeBand with my regular pants.

Most looking forward to: Our babymoon trip to Eureka Springs! We plan to go up for a quick overnight stay at the Crescent soon and just enjoy the peace and quiet before the wee one gets here.  

If anyone has a moment today, please send up a few positive thoughts and/or prayers for my nephew. He's two years old and was recently diagnosed with a congenital defect called a thyroglossal duct cyst, which is underneath his chin. He has taken a bad turn this week and yesterday, they discovered he has staph infection. He has been sent to Arkansas Children's Hospital to get IV treatment. Please pray that they are able to get the staph under control with antibiotics soon, so that they can operate. He's in quite a bit of pain and, at only two years old, it's very hard to explain to him what's going on, I'm sure.

You can follow Sarah's blog here for the latest on this sweet babe. Thanks, y'all.


  1. I'm definitely praying for your nephew! Sick babies are the worst:(

  2. Praying for your nephew!! Your baby bump is precious!


  3. I thinking 'cooking rut' should be listed as a common pregnancy symptom. I wanted nothing to do with cooking in my last trimester - I just wasn't interested in it at all. Which is totally unlike me! You are looking adorable as usual, and I know you must be getting so excited for Caroline's arrival!:)

    Sending up a prayer for your sweet nephew! Hope he gets well soon!

  4. You are an adorable, glowing pregnant lady :) I live in a humid part of the states, too, and it is just miserable being pregnant during the hot summer. My sympathies! That dress looks great on you!

  5. You are THE cutest Mother to be!
    Hope you feel great the rest of your time!

  6. You look SO cute! And I feel you on the "nothing sounds good" topic...hard to enjoy food when you can't fit it anywhere!!



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