Pregnancy Observations: {3rd Trimester Edition}

With each milestone of this pregnancy comes a brand new batch of realizations. Here are some of my latest observations. 

Morning sickness isn’t exclusive to the a.m.
I guess I naively assumed that morning sickness would amount to heaving once a day in the a.m. When all-day sickness began rearing it’s ugly head around the five week mark, I quickly poo-poo’d my earlier theory. Nothing, I repeat, nothing could have prepared me for the sheer misery of pregnancy sickness. I was sick until about week 24, and it seems to have returned (though not as severely) during the past weekend…lovely. (I’ve heard that sometimes happens once the final stretch rolls around due to your stomach being so crowded??)

Is it worth it anyway? Of course. And I really would do it again in a heartbeat because I’m SO excited to see our babe! But don’t think these post-traumatic "sickness" memories won’t resurface the next time we conceive. I’ll be armed with my Zofran beforehand.

You will sort of go all emo.
Pregnancy hormones are real. And in that first trimester, I got to be well acquainted with my emo side. Y’all, it was like a hormonal 15-year-old at a Paramore concert. I cried at: sad TV shows, funny TV shows, the Weather Channel, Hallmark cards, the Banana Republic semi-annual clearance sale, when Ruby outgrew her first collar last March…you name it, it made me bawl.

You won’t have all those weird cravings.
I was prepared to have all kinds of obscure cravings during pregnancy, but honestly, my tastes didn’t change at all. Not saying it’s that way for every woman, but personally, I didn’t have affinities for any specific foods.  Sidenote: I’ve never been huge on sweets, but being with child made me loathe them for a bit. That was the only noticeable change.

You will feel a kindred, almost spiritual connection to other moms.
I can’t explain it, but it feels like you’re a member of a very cool club…the mom club. Moms are tough cookies. They’re also smart cookies, (i.e. they know a LOT of stuff about a lot of stuff.)

Big or small, petty or earth-shattering, I can ask my mom friends anything. For the times I needed to know where to get cute hair bows, (the trivial), or whenever my boobs started doing strange things (the bizarre), or when I had questions about finding a daycare for the babe (the serious), I could consult my mom friends on Twitter, FB and here.

I feel like the Karate Kid consulting my Sensei. “Teach me thy ways, master. I, too, want to learn this art you call motherhood.”

You will nest.
Nesting, ladies, is a real thing. And not only has it struck me, but it has also spread to Stephen. I've been cleaning and sorting like a mad woman lately, which I can only attribute to the babe's impending arrival. Whatever the case, I don't think our house has ever been as spotless as it is right now.

Any other mommas out there experience similar things?

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  1. Haha, I love this. I didnt get morning sickness - just a REALLY nasty metallic/garbage taste in my mouth for 9 months that never went away. It was disgusting and made it difficult to want to eat anything at all. Dairy made it terrible! And I couldn't eat any potato product at all for about 6 months (I basically lived off of potatoes pre-pregnancy).

    I was slightly disappointed that I didnt get any weird cravings. I wanted to know what it was like to WANT to mix pickles and ice cream.. strange.

    And you're right, its all totally worth it. I cant wait to see your sweet little Caroline!!


  2. I didn't get the horrible sickness like you did, you poor thing:( But I did suffer nausea all day, every day until about 16 weeks or so. It was so bad, at times I almost just wished I COULD throw up in hopes that it would make the nausea go away!

    Pregnancy hormones are DEF real - I cried at everything too. Especially the emotional Publix commercials that come on around holidays. Around Mother's Day, they kept playing one that made me bawl!!!

    The 'Mom Club' is fun. And you're right - motherhood does create kindred spirits. I think it's because only mothers realize just how hard (and rewarding and amazing) motherhood is. So it creates a unique bond between us all. Love it:)

  3. I totally went through the emo phase! We went on vacation when I was 7 weeks and I cried multiple times a day over everything. And then, I started crying because I was crying! Everything was so trivial but felt like a major ordeal for me. Bless my sweet husband for not leaving me there. :)

  4. I had terrible sickness both times. I burst blood vessels all around my eyes, so I looked freckled and spotty, and sometimes even burst vessels in the whites of my eyes! I had to keep a bucket in the car with me, and used it almost daily.

    Nevertheless, I LOVE being pregnant. Can't wait to do it again!

  5. i can relate to all of these! and this nesting thing is serious! i am 35 weeks and reorganizing, decorating and cleaning everything! i don't think i've been this productive in years haha.

  6. Leslie! Thank you so much for sharing the contest on your blog. SO sweet of you! So sorry you've had such awful morning sickness. That's the pits. But yes....it will all be a distant memory once you are staring into that precious little face. :)


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