Falling Flat

As you all know, I love, love, love my heels with a purple passion. However, I know that with the wee little one around this fall, I'm going to need to mix in a few pair of chic flats to pull mommy duty. And I must say, I'm pretty excited about the options out there.

Behold (!!) - a few glorious flats for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure:

From the top right: Ruby flat from Shoemint // Whisper in my Ear flat from Zappos // The Narea by Ted Baker // Leopard flat via Forever 21 // Kaeli flat from Aldo // Gav d' Orsay via Shopbop
Have you scooped up any flats for fall yet?

*Collage by me. Feel free to use, but please credit my blog : )


  1. Ok you nailed this one! I want them ALL :) hope your feeling well girl! XX

  2. Love the Gav d'Orsay one - but of course, it's sold out!:(

    I know you're a heel girl, but you will rock some precious flats in just as fashionable a manner as you do your stilettos:) And, if you're like me, you'll quickly learn to cart the baby in a carrier, the diaper bag, and your purse, all while balancing on 4 inch wedges. No problem!

  3. Love me a good color block flat...especially when there is leopard involved ;)

  4. I just bought the most ADORABLE pair of flats from chinese laundry (which I had actually never heard of, but was totally smitten with from the first try-on because they're so darn comfy!)

  5. I LOVE the bottom black/tan pair! The tan strap is perfect for short gals like me!

    Hope everything is going well with you!:) I love reading your blog everyday and hearing about your new journey with baby Caroline.


  6. Love flats. I need to get on that.
    And ummmmm, I can't believe it's the fall already :( So insane!!

  7. I'm dying for a new pair of flats. Love this list. Especially those Gav d'Orsay pair!




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