Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

*So sorry for the delay! InLinkz is NOT my friend lately and today was no exception. 

Bad dates. Dates from hell. The worst three hours of our lives.

However you want to refer to these valuable life lessons, it's true; we've all been on a bad date or two in our time. I always say that I wouldn't take any amount of money in the world to have to get back into the dating game...the very thought makes me shudder. 

Here's one of the not-so-winning dates I've ever been on:

One that rises to the top when the subject of "bad dates" comes up would be the time a guy and his buddy took my cousin and me (it was a double date) to Dixie Cafe for our prom dinner. I was a sophomore in high school and was so excited to be going. Tara (my cousin) and I had spent all day getting ready and perfecting our prom looks. The time rolled around for us to be picked up and the guys were an hour late. (One of them also smelled like a distillery. Thankfully, he was NOT the one driving the car. This very cautious girl would have bailed right then and there.)

When they finally showed, they informed us we'd be going to a different restaurant for dinner. Apparently, we originally had reservations at a nice Italian restaurant in Little Rock (about an hour away from our town), but he and his skeezy friend had a change of heart and decided that a $5 hamburger would be a better choice. So, to Dixie Cafe, we went. (No offense to DC...they have alright food, just not what I would have chosen for a prom dinner.)

Now, I understand if someone is on a tight budget, especially in high school when we all had about $5 to our names. But this guy came from a family with moolah. A family that spoiled him rotten. A family that would have happily paid the bill for a nice evening out for he, his friend and their prom dates.

He was just a gigantic tool.

The rest of the evening was just as lovely. He refused to dance and kept complaining that the DJ wouldn't play any Hank Williams, Jr...you know, because every romantic evening needs some Hank??

He and his friend were supposed to accompany us to the after-prom party, held right there at the high school. However, they dropped my cousin and me off at the door and left to "go party" with some rednecks in the woods somewhere.

Now granted, my judgement in men in high school was poor, at best. But he came from a lovely family and he was popular, and two years older than me. I had high hopes for the evening, but in retrospect, I'd have been better off having pizza at home on the couch. 


  1. Ugh that sounds awful, such a shame. I bet you looked awesome :)!

  2. Oh dear, I remember that..............not a good night. But hey, we looked good!

  3. Well how lovely of him... Ive had some epic bad dates as of late....

  4. Ooooh goodness that sounds terrible!! Thank gosh that is in the past and now you have someone to spoil you :)

  5. uhh laaaaame! like seriously. i have a funny dixie cafe story though. an ex of mine had never been to a dixie cafe. one day (when we were together) he text me and said he had seen a nice restaurant he wanted to take me to..well i was excited all day, he couldn't remember the name of it but told me to get dolled up and he would take me there for dinner. imagine my complete disappointment when we pulled into the dixie cafe parking lot. i thought he was joking but nope. needless to say, i ain't with him anymore.

    and i agree this dating game i'm playing totally blows!

  6. First of all - I'm with you on expecting a whole lot more out of that guy and feeling disappointed when he failed to live up to those expectations.

    I went on a date once where the guy literally took out his gum at dinner and stuck it to his plate for all the world to see. Who does that?

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog! Am your newest follower.


  7. That sounds awful! Honestly, I could have done with pizza on my prom night too. :)

  8. I so want to see a name on this date!! Hilarious!


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