The "Loving Lately" List

Jamie from This Kind of Love always does this really fun link-up on Wednesdays where she tells about things she's loving - so fun! I thought I'd play along today with a few of my favorite things that I'm loving lately.

Behold, a little round-up of my favorite products of the moment! Some are wearable, some are shiny and sparkly, and some are guaranteed to make those undereye bags go away ; )

bareminerals® Well-Rested® Face & Eye Brightener  - here 

I am LOVING this miracle product from our friends at bareminerals! As most of y'all know, sleep isn't coming so easily lately. I've got a trick up my sleeve - err, rather, on my face - to help combat those pesky undereye bags and dark circles, and I think you'll love this stuff, too. Just a little dab under the eye and around the tops of the cheekbones and I look like I've gotten my eight hours.

Forever 21 Geometric Bib Necklace - here

This was a cheapy find from Forever 21, but I think it has a higher end look to it. I saw a similar style at a well-known online outlet for $200! This one is only $10. I call that smart

c.Booth Honey and Almond Body Butter - here

I'll be honest; I haven't spent a lot of money on special creams and oils for stretch marks, only because my OB said that if stretch marks are gonna happen, they're gonna happen. Instead, I've been slathering this stuff on after my shower and it makes my skin feel amazing! I also apply it to the bump twice daily and I've yet to see a stretch mark. See girls, cheap stuff works, too!

OCJ Collegiate Shorts - here

I've got an outfit post coming on these next week - and shot at a very special location - but in the mean time, I wanted to clue you in on these fun collegiate shorts from our friends at OCJ. There are tons of schools posted already, including those outside of the SEC, so be sure to check 'em out.

Maybelline Color Whisper lipstick in Mad for Magenta - here

This lipstick provides just enough color to wake up my face without being garish. It works well on a lot of different skin tones and is a lot more sheer than most lipsticks I've ever tried. You might like it, too!

What are you loving this week?


  1. Fun beauty finds, thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that Maybelline Color Whisper! It's like chapstick, but better!

  3. i always love hearing about your favorite beauty finds. i definitely want to try that face and eye brightener.

  4. Well, it's hot as hades here in Texas so this week especially I've been craving O.N.E. brand coconut water with pineapple splash. All natural and good source of electrolytes!

    My youngest has been up some this week with coughing fits (hence the 3am breathing treatments) so the Benefit eye stick (white one) has done wonders for my sleepy eyes.

    Not a huge perfume person but Bath and Body has a great little roll-on scent called "Red" It's light and not overbearing.

  5. I'm going to give this bare minerals product a spin immediately after work. My Benefit Erase Paste does a decent job, but it's not as great as I'd like.

  6. I'm obsessed with pink & coral lipstick. It's my new favorite! And I love me some Forever 21 steals! Fun post :)


  7. Love the necklace! I'm obsessed with the Color Whispers! Now I want that one! haha

  8. Love your finds! Love that lipstick color!


  9. I love that lip color! I've been trying to incorporate more color into my makeup routine. I also love that necklace! So cute!

  10. Schools outside of the SEC, what are they? ;) kidding!

    Thank you so much for the bare minerals product post. I always loved the well rested powder, but it always felt a bit cake like and or too dry on my face. I LOVE that they have a liquid to do the same job. I will be rushing to find this hopefully at ULTA if not I will use the link provided.

    Can't wait to see your shorts / game day post!!! ox


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