Bumpdate: {31 Weeks}

This last trimester is flying by at warp speed, so these weekly Bumpdate posts may get a little longwinded. I want to remember every detail of this coolest time of pregnancy, (it's SO neat!) 

Weight Loss/Gain?  ??? Good question. I go back to the doctor next week, so we'll see then. 

Cravings:  Still eating lots of fresh Arkansas peaches, tomatoes and bell peppers. We also made a pot of white chicken chili this week and it was so delicious! (Can you believe it's cool enough in AR in August to make and eat chili? It's a true story.)

How I'm Feeling: So, so good! I sound like a broken record, but I LOVE this trimester so much. I know it will get a lot harder in those final weeks, but honestly, this is great. I've had no swelling at all, tons of energy and enjoying the process of seeing my bump grow. 

My nausea/heaving started up again this week, so that hasn't been fun. I've heard it's pretty common for emesis (i.e. puking) to return in the final tri, though. 

Movement: Tons and tons of movement. This girl is busy! Now, we can actually recognize where her certain body parts are located. For instance, she'll stick out her elbow or rear end and we'll see a sharp(ish) point or curve jut out from my bump. It's a strange mixture of feeling like I'm watching a Sci-Fi movie, mixed with awe that my body is housing a human being. 

A lot of times in the mornings, she sticks her fanny waaaaaaay out and then popping it back in, haha! When she does this, it literally makes my bump come to a point, (not unlike a torpedo), for a second. And just as quickly, it will pop back in as she "pops" her fanny back in.  Endlessly entertaining, y'all. (Above pic taken Tuesday morning, so you can really see how she's growing!)

Favorite Moment this Week:  I went into her room to hang up some clothes and ended up going through her whole closet. I took each piece out and just stared at them - touched them - amazed that in seven weeks, there will be a little person wearing them. 

Sleeping: Sleep is scarce, but I still have plenty of energy, so I'm not sweating over it. I honestly do think it's my body's way of preparing me for Caroline's arrival and the lack of sleep that will accompany her.

Clothes: For expectant mommas, here are some of the maternity clothes that I purchased last week that I like, in case you're also in the market:
  • I LOVE these skinny pants and white tee top from Zulilywhich I'm actually wearing in the "torpedo baby" pic above! They fit like a glove. I really wish I had purchased a couple pair of both the pants and the top because they are that awesome.

  • The below skinny jeans by Indigo Blue from Destination Maternity are a hit! I ordered the extra small in these and was pleased at how comfy they were. If you're looking to order, here are my stats: I'm 5'4", usually a size 0/2 and ordered the small, if you need a reference point. 

  • This striped peplum top (sold out, but similar style here), striped long-sleeved tee (here), and pair of oxblood-colored Mavi cords (right here), from Destination Maternity will also get lots of use as the weather cools off. So comfortable and all the items are fitted enough that I can wear them after Caroline's arrival, too.

  • Not a maternity shirt but I love this top from Forever 21, (sold out online, but very similar here.) It flows well over the baby bump and I love the accordion back.

  • I saw this top on Impressions' online store and knew I needed it. It's long enough to cover the bump, so I just went up a size (to a medium) to ensure there was enough room for my, um, growing "girls". Get one now because they'll go fast!

Most looking forward to: Two things: 1) My mom (a.k.a. Caroline's Nanna) is coming up this weekend to stay all weekend and ALL next week while Stephen is in NYC for work! 2) My baby shower that Stephen's sister Sarah is hosting this weekend!


Don't forget - there will be no Confessional Friday tomorrow, per our schedule. New fall schedule of topics will be announced at the end of the month, so stay tuned for that!


  1. What an exciting time! I recently gave birth to my second kiddo and everything is just as crazy and exciting the second time (only with a little person you have to take care of). I recently read a beautiful post on another blog about the roller coaster of feelings that come after having a baby. If you are interested check it out :http://lovelipstickandpearls.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-baby-blues.html.

    Also, you never really went in to detail the scare y'all had towards the beginning of the pregnancy, but I went through something similar when I had a test done at 11 weeks (which wasn't done with my first baby). I was just happy to see the baby on a sonogram, but was completely taken off guard when I got the results back and they showed that based on my blood work, I was showing a higher than average (for my age) chance of having a baby with Down's Syndrome. I was so shocked. The doctor said that many times this test isn't correct (why do they do it then) and another test could be done (I think it was called Maternity21 or something). I will never forget the day the nurse called to tell me that my results were normal (for a second I thought she said abnormal) and then her telling us we were having a girl(since it was a chromosome test they could tell us with certainty). It was a great feeling. Then calling my husband (I couldn't wait until I saw him to tell him) and telling him everything was normal and then whispering that it was a girl. It was good getting to know earlier than we would've otherwise what we were having, but I'm not sure if I'd take that test again. Not sure why I felt the need to blurt all that out. My girl is almost 5 months now and doing quite well (after a yucky bout of acid reflux).

    I am enjoying reading about your pregnancy journey!

  2. Loving your maternity purchases! And so glad you are enjoying this last trimester - it truly is the best:)

    Can't wait to hear all about your baby shower!!! I'm sure it will be so sweet:)

  3. Just have to say... I love reading your updates! You make me so excited to go through it ALL (the good, the bad, and the strange) over again! Not sure when that will be, but the anticipation is definitely building thanks to sweet Caroline!

  4. You look FABULOUS! Feeling fabulous means so much more though, get it girl! Love your bump purchases!

  5. You look so amazing, i cannot wait to "meet" Caroline. Her name sounds so pretty Momma

  6. i'm so happy for you, leslie! you are going to be one cool momma! ;)

  7. I occasionally view the blogs as I used to blog but have a one year old and a two year old now. I'm not trying to be rude but has your doctor not said anything about your weight gain? You look INSANELY skinny. This is coming from someone under 100 lbs after two babies BUT I did gain 35 lbs with both pregnancies and did NOT diet during pregnancy. I just think it is unfair to your unborn child and I know first hand as a small petite girl that you CAN gain weight. I just think it is unfair. You can delete this but I felt it was my part to say something as I think it is very selfish.

  8. Dana, not to fight Leslie's battles for her... But I am absolutely appalled by the rudeness of the accusations you just posted. Whether or not you were trying to be rude, you accused her of being unfair to her unborn child and dieting during pregnancy. If you did actually follow along regularly, you would know her struggle to gain weight early on and the sickness that has consumed her pregnancy. I gained 12 lbs in my entire pregnancy and not for lack of trying. I too received similar judgments that seriously affected me mentally. I knew I was doing everything I could to ensure the health of my daughter, but still had the nagging doubt because of the hatefulness of others. I think we all want what is best for our children, and it is more than obvious that Leslie does for Caroline. We would be much better off if we supported each other and refrained from the judging. & like I was taught, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  9. Dana- You are completely entitled to your opinion, and while I am doing (and have done) my best to ensure the health of my little girl, (and I thank God every day for giving us a healthy baby), I also can't help but think of how wonderful it would be if we women worked to help build each other up and support each other instead of passing judgement and saying hurtful things. Being pregnant, being a mom, heck- being a woman, is hard enough without all that, isnt it?

    I hope you have a good evening and I sincerely wish you the best in your journey as a mom.

  10. Leslie, I tried to leave a comment last night but it kept giving me an error. I hope you don't take any of that negativity to heart. You are a beautiful pregnant woman & you have shared it all with us , even though you certainly don't "owe" us that. I wish all the best for you in the days to come ! Such exciting times lie ahead for you & your family :)


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