Sugar is Still My Friend

I had grand plans to post my Riffraff outfit pics for y'all today, but then I had my 9:30 glucose screening, followed by an 11:30 appointment with another doc...that we didn't get out of until nearly 1:30 - goo!

30-week baby bump...not so patiently waiting on the doctor : )

Anywhoodle, a few things, because I know you were holding your breath for this info.

-I passed the one-hour glucose test! So yay - no need to endure that 3 hour mess!
-The RhoGam shot hurt like a son-of-a-gun. My backside may be sore for days.
-That drink was some kind of nasty, but I didn't puke. #smallvictories

All in all, it wasn't terrible. And, we're done with needles until it's time to deliver Miss Caroline.

Annnnnd...my sweet friends Emily and Christi left this beautiful May Designs baby book on my desk as a surprise today! Isn't it adorable? I've been coveting one of these forever and it just made my day seeing Cee's little name on the cover. I really am blessed with the sweetest friends and co-workers!

Now, I really WILL be back tomorrow with pics of a fabulous frock c/o Riffraff. For real, this time.

And finally, here are some free printables for the 3rd trimester mamas that I made for my Whitney English planner. I only did weeks 30-38, since we'll likely be doing the C-section around the 38-week mark. Feel free to use them for yourselves, though!


  1. You have the cutest baby bump to date.

  2. Yay for sugar! And that baby book is precious!

  3. Yay for sugar:) YOur bump is getting cuter and cuter:)

  4. So glad that you passed your screening! Amen!




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