Bumpdate: {32 Weeks}

I cannot believe I'm 8 months pregnant and that I'll have a full-term baby in just FIVE weeks! Where the heck did time go? Anyway, here is the 32 week Bumpdate for y'all:

Taken with my new Canon Rebel t3i camera...a very generous gift from my parents for photographing sweet Caroline. 

Weight Gain:  My appointment is at 9:15 today, so I'll know then. My guess? Another 2-3 pounds or so.

Baby: Our girl is already about 3 pounds (probably more than that now) and getting bigger by the day. UPDATE: She now weighs 3 lbs. 10 oz! Right on track and thriving for gestation! No wonder she's getting tighter in there - ha!

Cravings:  Fresh Arkansas peaches, tomatoes with sea salt, cucumbers with balsamic vinegar (so delish) and strawberries. Mexican food has really hit the spot lately, too. And, of course, sweet tea.

How I'm Feeling: Still feeling really good! I still maintain that this is my favorite trimester. It's getting a little more difficult to bend over and put shoes on, but I love that the bump is getting nice and round! A few nasty cases of heartburn lately, but Zantac is helping that. The "morning" sickness has definitely started rearing its ugly head again, but nothing like before. 


Cardigan: Maude // Holy Chic tee: E.Leigh's // Pants: Pink Blush Maternity via Zulily // Shoes: ASOS

Movement: Oh yeah, buddy! This chica is moving all over the place in my tummy. She's starting to get a little cramped in there, so I get lots of strong kicks and lots of (what feels like) cartwheels. I think this means she'll be a cheerleader or dancer, just like her mama ; )

Favorite Moment this Week:  Working on the nursery with my mom all week while Stephen is in NYC for work. We finished hanging the shelves and artwork last night, so I'll be fine tuning the details this weekend for a very special nursery reveal at the beginning of September.

Sleeping: I get about five hours a night, which is pretty good for this stage of pregnancy.

Clothes: Mostly all maternity pants now. A couple of maternity tops, but for the most part, they are just my regular shirts.

Most looking forward to: My appointment at 9:15 this morning! My mom and my mom-in-law are both coming with me to the 4D ultrasound. I'm so excited to let them see her face like Stephen and I saw last time. We got some great photos of her face and features last time with the 4D, but I'm saving  those for just our eyes right now : ) Not long until we'll get to share our sweet girl with blogland, though!

Thankful for: Our amazing OB team, Dr. D and Dr. C. Like I've said before, due to some (major) medical reasons, we had to schedule a C-section. At first, this seemed really scary, but I also knew it was the only way to get our babe here safely and ensure my own health. I can honestly say that I feel so comfortable and at ease with this now though, simply because our two docs are amazing. I am grateful to have access to such incredible doctors and thank God for them every day.


  1. You'll love the Canon T3i! I got it a few months ago and it's so easy to use and takes great pictures! :)

  2. So many things to say!

    One: That outfit is to. die. for. Like, I'm seriously in love.

    Two: Everyone kept telling me that Grace would have tons of hair because my heartburn was so bad, and I kept ignoring them because I was bald until I was two. But apparently there's at least something to it, because she's obviously not hurting in the hair department. :) So be on the lookout for a head full of hair on Miss Caroline!

    Three: I'm praying that your c-section will go as smoothly as mine did (minus some medical things that happened during SOLELY as a result of the fact that I had labored so long before they did the c-section - the scheduled c-section would eliminate that risk. :)) The recovery wasn't nearly as bad as I'd heard and feared, and, on the plus side, I can still laugh without peeing! :)

    So excited for you, girl!

  3. Glad pregnancy has been such a joy for you! My husband and I just found out that we are expecting our second and I'm so excited to embark on the pregnancy journey again. Enjoy those last few weeks before the baby and go on lots of dates! :)

  4. You are still so tiny!! Congrats!!

    xoxo Shauna

  5. You still look soooo little!! Such a cute outfit on you! Cant wait to meet Caroline

  6. Your Caroline bump is presh. As is your cardigan. Love it! So glad you are enjoying third trimester sweet girl!:)

  7. You are the definition of adorable. I LOVE (and want!) that cardigan! Glad you are feeling better about the C-section. Yours and Caroline's health is definitely most important, and it's in God's hands :)

  8. You are adorable as always! Don't let the c-section scare you. I just had my second c-section four months ago and neither was as bad as I was worried they would be. Getting Caroline here safely is most important and you will be back to normal before you know it.

  9. 8 months?! you look amazing!! pregnancy looks fabulous on you - congratulations! it's officially countdown mode now :)best wishes

    xo Danai
    Life in My Fab Lane

  10. Time is flyin' and you look fabulous! Let the countdown begin (not that you haven't been counting before!).

  11. I have that same camera...you will love it! I also had to have a c-section but it wasnt near as bad as people warned me it could be. I was up moving around (slowly but moving!) the next day! Hope yours goes just as smoothly!

  12. You have got to be the most stylish and one of the pretties pregnant women I've ever seen!! Praying for a healthy delivery for you and Miss C!! xo

  13. Love how your wearing heels still :) you look amazing

  14. You're so radiant!! I loved this post :)
    I am glad that you are doing what is VERY best for little person and for you. That's what is most important.
    I have had three c-sections - and while I sometimes dream of what it would have been like to have a "natural" birth... I did what was best and safest for my little people too!!

    I have some good tips for abdominal surgery and I'm betting a lot of your other readers do too - so maybe a post on that would be great!!


  15. You look so pretty pregnant :) I love seeing your maternity outfits. I've been following your blog even before you married and I'm so happy that you'll soon be a family of 3 !!!!


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