Bumpdate: {30 Weeks!}

I put an exclamation point in this post title because WE'VE MADE IT TO THE THIRTIES! I always thought 30 weeks was this nebulous, far away point in a pregnancy, and I couldn't imagine reaching it. Now that it's actually here, it's surreal.

Weight Loss/Gain?  No change from last week. 

Cravings:  Sweet stuff: orange juice, fresh peaches, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and sweet tea. Savory stuff: steak, spare ribs, green beans and Arkansas tomatoes with sea salt and cracked pepper. 

How I'm Feeling: AMAZING! This has definitely been my favorite point in the pregnancy. I still have quite a bit of energy and have been really lucky to have not experienced a ton of swelling (yet). I've carried her pretty low throughout the pregnancy, so I haven't had to deal with much shortness of breath.

Movement: Oh yeah, buddy. This girl is constantly all over the place.She's completely breech, (and has been throughout the entire pregnancy), so the kicks and jabs aren't in my ribs, but rather, ahem, down low. I won't lie, they hurt a bit sometimes, ha! 


Sleeping: I think I've just reached that point where sleep doesn't happen. Again though, it honestly doesn't bother me a bit. I still have a lot of energy and kind of enjoy those quiet hours of sitting and feeling my sweet girl kick and move. 

Clothes: The maternity pants from ASOS were a huge flop - womp, womp. So, I went to Destination Maternity (sister store to Pea in the Pod) and found the BEST pair of skinnies last weekend. 

All of my tops and dresses are non-maternity and I think I'll be able to get away with them until Miss Priss arrives. 

Most looking forward to: Going to Catfish Hole with two of my girlfriends tomorrow night. Bring on the hushpuppies!  


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  1. 30 weeks, I can't wait to reach the 30's!! You look great!

  2. You are SO beautiful!!! Congrats on your daughter <3 you're almost there. That's great you have so much energy still.

  3. Breech kicks are way worse than head down rib jabs. I've experienced both! My girl is currently butt first at 35 weeks, running out of time!!!

  4. What a beauty you are! I hope my belly grows as perfectly as yours has. 10 weeks (or less) to go!



  5. Really! It's unfair how cute you are!

  6. Almost there!!! I love your dress paired with the belt :)

  7. That's so exciting for you! Throughout this whole pregnancy, you've probably been the cutest, most fashionable pregnant woman I've ever seen.

  8. thanks for the sweet mention Leslie! Just now catching up on blogs. You are so adorable and I am looking forward to our lunch.


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