A Swift Kick

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced during this pregnancy hasn’t been the nausea. It hasn’t been the uncomfortable, sleepless nights. It hasn’t even been the (recent) swollen ankles.

It has been learning to live in the moment.

I think we Type A people tend to spend 80% of our lives planning and the other 20% actually living out our plans. We prefer our days orderly and expected. We like “to-do” lists and schedules; in fact, we thrive on them.

I realized last week that we (my baby girl and me) only have three months left of this pregnancy journey. My initial reaction was, “Oh my gosh, we still don’t have a Pack n' Play or a glider!” And that reaction was quickly followed by, “And I still haven’t taken a 26 week Bumpdate photo yet…I’ve got to document this week.”

Then I got a swift kick in the gut.


Caroline let me have it – and hard. It was like she was saying, “Quit stressing. Enjoy this, Mom. We only have three more months left together.”

And it’s true; there are only 90 days left of this incredible process of growing a human. Only 90 more days of sharing the same body. Although we’ll (Lord willing) have her with us for many years to come, she and I will never get to spend time this closely together again.

My mission throughout the next three months is to savor every kick and movement. I want to spend more time sitting quietly on my couch with my hand on my bump. I want to spend less time Googling weird pregnancy symptoms and just allow things to happen.

There will be plenty of time for stress and worry for our baby girl when she gets here. Until then, I’m going to drink in each moment of this time.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 NIV


  1. Best Bible verse! Especially for this new transition into motherhood.

  2. Love this post!! So, so true. I am super Type-A, and it is very hard to live in the moment at times. Way to go Caroline... sometimes, our children teach us more than we could ever learn on Google (I am a compulsive Google fanatic too! :)), even when it is unintentional on their part.

  3. This is such a great way of looking at your pregnancy! The Bible verse is perfect! It's also a good reminder for me, to stop stressing over things and enjoy life as it happens.

  4. I love this! I'm due Oct 15th and also go into panic mode when I realize how much time is left, less than 3 months?!?! I've been trying to spend more time enjoying all the kicks and tummy rolls and just let it be and enjoy this pregnancy. Nursery decorating, laundry and work can wait.


  5. What an awesome reminder...i too am very type A and this is something I've been praying about a lot lately. Thanks for sharing your heart. God used this today to reach me,

  6. I miss being pregnant sooo much! It is such an amazing experience and I wish I would have savored it a little bit more!

  7. Oh my goodness how true this is. I was the exact same way, worrying about my sons nursery, if I had enough sleepers for him, was the crib put together on time. I went into labor 2 1/2 weeks early and even now thinking back I wish I had had those last few weeks more with him! Enjoy this time with your sweet girl!!

  8. Your post reminds me of this Erma Bombeck quote that I heard towards the end of my pregnancy.
    Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I'd have cherished every moment, realising that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle."

    I just had my second (and more than likely last) child and it makes me sad to think I may never feel those little kicks again. Enjoy is while you can, even on the bad days.

  9. Yes! Beautiful post. Enjoy that pregnancy! It's such a miracle and amazing to watch your body grow a human. Baffling. Enjoy every minute of the kicks, the cravings, the naps and the moments.

  10. Ahhh!! I love this post on so many levels!

    You're so right - the time that you two have together is priceless. You'll be SO READY to meet her, but once she's here, a part of you will probably miss those little kicks. And the security of knowing that she is safe and snug and protected from the world in your belly.

    It may get pretty rough at the end, but its a fantastic goal to want to savor every moment. They really are so sweet. :)

  11. YES! I was just telling my sweet husband last night that if something isn't on my usual schedule, it's like a chore to get through rather than a treasure! I'm going to miss SO much of life if I don't loosen up a bit!


  12. You are so right to enjoy this time with your sweet girl safe inside you. Even though our little one is here and I cant get enough of her, your post made me tear up because I honestly miss that closeness and feeling her squirm and kick in my tummy. It is truly an amazing gift from God to be able to experience that.

  13. Hi Leslie! I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it! This post is beautiful. I hope to have the same attitude about being preggers when my time comes along!

    Also, we have a mini doxi too and my husband wants a German Shephard next. How do your furchildren get along??


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