Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

Today is Friday and therefore, time to confess. Let us be away with it (!!) I had a lot of fun with today’s topic – guilty pleasures – and I hope you did, too.  

In no particular order, here are the things in which I admit to indulging from time to time.

-Gummy bears. They have to be the Haribo brand and I refuse to eat the pineapple. I’d keep an unlimited stash, but I’d just eat them all and probably go into a sugar coma.

-Gangster movies and TV shows. Whether it’s a midnight showing of Goodfellas or Raging Bull on HBO, a rerun of The Sopranos or an episode of I Married the Mob, I’m obsessed with the gangsta lifestyle. Strange, I know.

-Old school Brad Pitt movies. Um, Legends of the Fall, anyone? Enough said. #yum

-Cookie dough. I rarely eat the finished cookies, but plead guilty to enjoying a couple grande spoonfuls of the dough when I bake them. Whoops.

-Sun tanning. Nope, not out of those awful tanning beds, (swore those off years ago), but laying out in the real sun. Of course now that I’m 28, I load up on SPF. But man, oh, man…I’m a sun worshipper at heart.

-Heels. I’ve worn them the entire pregnancy and plan to up until the end, if my tootsies can stand it. I do not own a pair of Toms (even though I think they’re precious) and my flip flops are even wedge-heeled. Nothing against flat shoes, but me, I prefer heels.

Your turn!


  1. I only like the Haribo gummies too - but I love the pineapple ones!:) And, you go girl, in those heels. I couldn't stand wearing heels during my pregnancy (unless they were of the wedge variety), so if you can do it, then I say rock those heels! Happy Friday sweet girl!

  2. I too have a gummy problem. When I was in Europe I went crazy because haribo sells all sorts of weird tasty gummies.

  3. I just... I can't wrap my brain around how a person could resist the pineapple gummy bears. Are you sure you're eating them correctly? (Head first, obvi...)

    Brad Pitt. Yes, yes, and yes.

    I've got my fingers crossed that you don't have to give up your heels. The swelling I experienced was inhuman, and I could barely squeeze into flip flops. Sending wishes for non-clown-like feet your way! :)

  4. Totally agree with you on the gummy bears, and the heels while pregnant. I wore mine up until I went into labor. Literally. :) Glad there are other heels-only girls like me! :)

  5. I love to make the eggless cookie dough so I don't have to follow through with the actual baking part...stick in the fridge and see how long it lasts!

  6. Haribo gummy's are my favorite too!!! Black Forest is a close 2nd.

  7. Looooove me gummy bear action every once in a while...that with an icee at the movies...yum :)

  8. I'm right there with you on the gummy bears--Haribo only--and Brad Pitt movies--can you believe he's almost 50?


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