Bumpdate: {28 Weeks}

Well, ladies, we are officially in the THIRD and FINAL trimester of this pregnancy! It really didn't start flying by until this summer, which has disappeared before our very eyes. We are ten weeks or so away from meeting our baby girl and right now, I'm feeling great!

Weight Loss/Gain?  9 lbs.  Expecting to put on about a pound per week (according to TheBump.com) until sweet pea's arrival. 

Cravings:   I've had the BIGGEST craving for some southern fried catfish and hushpuppies lately, but haven't had a chance to indulge that craving just yet. Hopefully I can do that soon!

Favorite Moment this Week:  Our friends from Pottery Barn came last weekend to set up Cee's furniture and after they left, Stephen and I just sort of stood in there and took it all in. He was giddy like a little kid (and so was I) as we imagined what it would be like in just a few weeks with a tiny person lying in that crib.

Funniest Moment this Week:   Caroline is breech right now, so all of her kicks have been really low. I've also carried her super low the entire pregnancy, so imagine my shock when I got a huge jolt to the ribcage last week when she literally jumped up like a diver springing off a diving board. That was a new and kind of painful sensation!

Sleeping: Pretty well. Again, I am SO thankful to have been carrying her low this whole time, so I'm pretty comfortable.

Clothes: I’m still able to wear regular clothes, but pants and shorts definitely require the BeBand, which has been a lifesaver (and a money saver…maternity pants are expensive). I've also been enjoying the freedom and comfort of the maxi dress. 

Most looking forward to: Going to Heber Springs for my brother's wedding this weekend and seeing a lot of my family and friends who I haven't seen since we got pregnant. 


  1. You are rocking that bump like nobody's business! Yay!

  2. aww you are looking adorable momma! xo


  3. You look fantastic!! I can't wait to see the nursery!

  4. You are adorable! I can't wait to see her nursery! :)

  5. You look AMAZING! Can't wait to see nursery pictures!


  6. You're looking great!! And I can't believe you're 28 weeks along and still wearing HEELS! lol

  7. You look stunning! You're getting so close-hope this last couple month stretch is wonderful for you!

  8. Loving your adorable bump! The third trimester FLIES, so enjoy every second of it!:)

  9. You are such a cute pregnant lady! :)

  10. You are definitely one of the most adorable mamas-to-be ever!! What a neat thing to sit and look in your nursery... that will soon hold YOUR baby! What a blessing!

  11. Just too stinking cute!!! Can't believe you're ten weeks out!


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