Monday Musings + A Link-Up!

Welcome to Monday, you bevy of beauties. As excited as I am for a day off on Thursday, it's still taking me a little extra caffeine (within the "safe-for-pregnancy" milligram confines) to get going this morning ; )

A few things for the week:

- Remember that there is no Confessional Friday link up this week, due to the holiday and lots of folks being away from their computers, (except those of us who will be in the office Friday...le sigh...). You can get the weekly schedule for this summer here.

- I tried my hardest to recreate my Memaw's chocolate gravy recipe on Saturday and was really happy with how it turned out! If you've never had chocolate gravy, it's a must. It's definitely a Southern thing and definitely something you need to taste just once in your life ; ) I'd be happy to share the recipe here, but Memaw doesn't use one. Hers is more of a "throw in a little of this and a little of that" thing. The mark of a good cook, if you ask me!

Napkins, napkin rings and bamboo chargers are all from Target!

-My freckles are a'popping right now and I'm loving it! I discovered a new blush this weekend that looks really pretty dusted lightly over the top of a freckled face. I just tried a sample, but I think I may have found my new summer cheek color.

Dior Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush in Petal - here

-I'm doing a fun link-up for moms and moms-to-be in mid-July and I'd love for y'all to participate, too! It's Monday through Thursday and is open to both veteran moms, new moms and expectant moms. Below is the schedule and a little explanation of each topic, which I hope will be really helpful to all the mommas out there, (especially the ones who are new to this whole baby thing!)

Moms Know
July 15 - July 18, 2013

Open to: Veteran moms, new moms and expectant moms


Monday, July 15:  Strollers, Carseats, Cribs, High chairs, etc.
I want to hear what your favorite brands and models of "big" purchases are/were. If you're an expectant mom, share with us which brands/styles you've had your eye on and check out the veteran moms' blog posts to see what they liked!

Tuesday, July 16: Baby Clothes
Tell us which sites, stores and boutiques you love to frequent for your little baby and kiddie clothing. Also, veteran moms can share how they get extra "mileage" out of clothing to really make the dollar stretch.

Wednesday, July 17: Maternity Clothes
Share with us your tips for staying stylish while expecting! Share your favorite stores and sites for buying maternity clothes. Share photos of your favorite stylish outfits while you were pregnant. I know that we expectant moms will love hearing what worked for the veteran moms!

Thursday, July 18: Nurseries
Share pics and your design theme of your kiddo's nursery! If you're an expectant mom like me, share what you've purchased so far and your "inspiration board"...I KNOW you've got one on Pinterest, surely : )

Happy linking up!


  1. Loving the Moms Know idea! As a new mom, I've definitely got some info I'd love to share, but at the same time, I'd still love to hear from veteran moms who've been doing the whole mom thing longer than I have! :)

  2. So excited to join in on your link up this month! Since I'm the first of my friends to be pregnant it will be nice to get some veteran mom advice from le' blog world :)

  3. That dior blush! :) so pretty :)



  4. I love those napkin rings! So cute!


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