Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

Today's Confessional Friday topic - if you're following the topic schedule - is embarrassing moments. I could write a book on the oodles of humiliating things I've said and done in my lifetime, but I thought instead I'd tell you about my most recent embarrassing moment involving a pair of pregnancy Spanx and an Old Navy dressing room.

Two weeks ago, I went into Old Navy to look for a dress. Normally, I can just eyeball something like a maxi dress and know if it's going to fit, but with this every-changing pregnant body, trying everything on is a must.

Anywhoodle, I pull a simple, black maxi off the rack and proceed into a fitting room, which in our Old Navy, is located in the smack-dab-middle of the store. I was wearing a pair of maternity Spanx that day underneath my outfit, so I just kept them on to try on the dress. The mirrors in the fitting room of this particular Old Navy only allow you to see the top 3/4 of your body and I wanted the full view.

To get the full effect of what the dress looked like, I walked out to the 360' mirror, which sits just outside the fitting rooms, but visible from most vantage points of the store. So, I proceed out of the dressing room, full of confidence in my garment choice. I'm admiring the silhouette of my new frock when I notice something in the mirror.

Something that resembles a bare behind. My bare behind. Only it's not bare, it's covered in a nude-colored pair of preggo Spanx.

I had somehow gotten the back tail of the dress tucked inside of the back of the Spanx, revealing my nylon-covered crack.

Before I even have time to pull the dress out of the Spanx, I catch the eye of a (I'm guessing) 17-year-old male Old Navy associate, clearly horrified that he's just seen what can only be described as the most un-sexy of undergarments since Victorian-era bloomers.

And his manager is standing right behind him.

And behind them, a father with two young boys, patiently waiting their turn for a fitting room.

I tried to play it cool and waltz back into the dressing room like I meant to show the world my ever-widening, six-and-a-half-months-pregnant behind...but, OH MY Y'ALL...I died.

Needless to say, I got dressed faster than ever before and made a quick exit from the store, sans black maxi dress and, subsequently, my pride.

So if today, you're feeling a little uncool at any point, just remember this (sadly, true) story and feel better.

You didn't show your backside to the Fayetteville Old Navy.


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  1. hahaha, well at least it was a good story! ;)

  2. OMG hilarious! Better than a nude behind!! Lol

  3. Love this! Totally something I would do! Happy Weekend:)

  4. okay i am literally laughing out loud! oh leslie no! so funny!

    have a good weekend, girl!

  5. I'm so sorry that happened to you, I honestly am, but holy cow, that's probably one of the best stories I've heard in a long time. Sooooo embarrassing, though!! Hopefully you'll be able to grab the dress from a different Old Navy store, or even better, order it online, and then you'll be able to try it on in the privacy of your own home! :)

  6. Great story! A couple of years a similar thing happened to me at school with my skirt... Luckily my friends let me know before I left the bathroom. :)

  7. I've done it too. Tucked my skirt into my pantyhose (back in the day) & exited the bathroom, with my maintenance guys walking up behind me. Then they started covering their eyes while yelling at me. Good times. Thanks for the laugh this morning! :)

  8. OK...I don't feel so irrational now, because this is ALWAYS my fear! Trust when I say, your preggo booty is much smaller than mine...those two guys would have DIED if it was me! :)

    Also, if you need to feel good about yourself, feel free to check out my link. I am so clumsy, I have a MILLION stories just like that. Lord help me!

  9. That's great and hysterical! Good thing you weren't wearing a thong!!! That dad had something fun to tell his wife ;-)

  10. I did that to a long time ago. I was living in Little Rock and working downtown. The dress style was big dresses that were belted at the waist. I had my back side to the morning downtown traffic and (unknown to me) was flashing everyone. Two of my co workers came up laughing behind me and told me. I felt like I was pulling yards of material out of my panty hose. All that day, people would come by my office to laugh. I wanted to quit that day. Eventually, people forgot about it and I never wore that dress again.

  11. Bahahaha! So awesome! I wish I could top that with my own series of embarrassing stories, but I wipe those permanently from my mind after they happen. :p

  12. This is hilarious Leslie, especially to me because I had something very similar happen to me in the Atlanta airport. Good to know I'm not the only one!!


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