Rando' Pregnancy Thoughts

‘Ello, you fancy faces!

Everyone have a good weekend? Mine was a whirlwind, as we headed to Heber Springs on Saturday for my little brother’s wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and I’ll definitely share a few pics as soon as the bride and groom have a chance to do so first! (That was my biggest pet peeve when Stephen and I got married…peeps sharing photos all over creation before we had a chance to share them ourselves!)

Today is a mish mash of random pregnancy thoughts with a review of the Whitney English planner coming tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.


  • Let it be known that today is the day I shall order my first pair of maternity pants. After spending five minutes grunting and pulling and sweating while trying to get a pair of regular dress slacks on for work, I threw in the proverbial towel. (I mean, y’all, my eyes were watering, it was so painful trying to get those suckers on this morning.) I’ll be hitting up ASOS this afternoon to purchase a couple pair of pants to get me through this next nine or ten weeks.

At nearly 29 weeks, I think it’s about time. I’ve held on as long as I can. But the jig is up.

In case you’re wondering about this morning’s wardrobe debacle, I found one of my old standby pencil skirts from Savoir-Faire, rolled it down to hip level, threw a BeBand on top of it and it worked seamlessly. Crisis solved. 

  • It’s funny, but I honestly feel so much better in this third trimester than I did in that horrific first and (mostly) second. I’ll take the puffiness and swollen ta-ta’s ANY DAY over those 22 weeks of nausea and puking. (I’ve heard this is common for lots of gals that had rough first trimesters.) 
  • I have a feeling outfit posts are quickly coming to an end. I’m getting to that point where I feel not…um…cute. I have a couple outfits from Riffraff and one from Maude that I’m DYING to share with you girls, but after that, well…I think it’s time for a an outfit pic break : )
  • I’m starting to get a little nervous about maternity leave. I know that sounds absurd, but I’m hoping I don’t get cabin fever being at home with Miss Priss all day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m SO excited to bond with the babe and just enjoy being a mom for a few months, but I think I’m going to miss seeing my work pals and tackling projects, too. Any other working moms feel like this before going on leave? 
  • With that said, I’m stoked that we conceived when we did because this means I’ll have the best three holiday-filled months to be home! My SIL Sarah was also home from mid-October through early January with her youngest and LOVED it. She was able to really enjoy and savor every moment of planning and decorating and shopping with her newest addition. 

And that, folks, is all that this blogger wrote.


  1. You are going to LOVE having your maternity leave through the holidays! Perfect! And no matter how you feel (believe me, I remember feeling just awkward and ungraceful while pregnant!), I know you just must be the cutest thing ever with that baby bump:)

  2. I was that way too! Depending on how your labor goes and the feeding/sleeping stuff goes it might differ but I was in labor for over 38 hours so it took me about 4-6 weeks before I felt like a normal person again. Week 6-8 I felt like we got on normal schedule and could go out for playdates, ect. Week 8-10 I started to get a little bored. Week 10-12 the craziness of going back to work settled in and I got busy getting ready to go back...Some things I learned... 1. A baby can nap in their carseat while you are the elliptical. 2. Playdates are very useful even for the 6 week set. 3. travel to family as much as you can. Once you go back, those vacation get few and far between cause you use your leave for halloween parties and weeks off when your nanny is sick or they are sick. Both my kids few at 4 and 6 weeks. 4. Finally, (I am sure you know this) Your 3 month leave will feel different than a SAHM. Be selfish a little. You wont have every friday to run to the a playdate or get your nails done.

  3. Leslie! I have followed you for a long time, but rarely comment. I just wanted to let you know that I felt the same way you feel about work/maternity leave. I was so nervous about being disconnected from the office and whatnot. It all worked out so well though. Soon after my baby girl was born (in March) we got into our own routine and that made it SO much easier-hopefully that will help you too! Just try and enjoy your maternity leave, even the trying parts (middle of the night scream fests) because it goes by so so quickly and you'll want those days back! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! :)

  4. I had my first girl in late October and my second in mid November, so I loved having all those holidays at home and with family. I did not miss work and dreaded going back, even though I'm crazy about my job. Maternity leave flies by and that time with the little one is too precious for words. You'll always have work, but not that time with your little. Savor it.

  5. I understand the not feeling "cute" but, you are just a doll!!

    I was a little worried about maternity leave too - it was the best! You will love it! :) Enjoy your time with your little peanut, it goes way too fast!

  6. I've never commented here before, but just wanted to tell you to enjoy your maternity leave. And really enjoy your leave with your first (I don't know if you are planning on more...and none of my business :), but I can honestly say that my maternity leave with my first compared to my second was so incredibly different. With your first you don't have anyone else wanting your attention so you are able to give it all to your new sweet girl....with the 2nd, you still enjoy the sweet baby with all your being, but there is still another little person wanting some of your attention too (as you want to give them the attention....it's just different). The time will go by way faster than you can ever imagine. Congrats...I love her name too. :)

  7. I am 9 weeks into my maternity leave and I'm a girl who LOVES her job...but I am honestly dreading going back and leaving her :( You might find yourself feeling the same once you've spent your days with your sweet little girl...

  8. I'll be on maternity leave over the holidays, too! I'm pretty excited about it!

  9. It's crazy to think you all only get a few months of mat leave. Here in Canada it's a full year!! :)
    Enjoy the few months you do have, they will fly by!!

    So excited for you guys!!

    Can't wait to see pics of little Cee!!

  10. Today is my first day back to work after my maternity leave with Easton! It feels wonderful to be back and have some adult interaction but I miss my little ham and cheese like crazy. I was ready to come back. I love my job, love my co-workers and I am definately not the stay at home type. Major cabin fever. I feel so blessed though that I got the time I had with my babe. Now on to new adventures (and hopefully a routine :))

  11. I cannot just sit at home all day. With my first, we had her at church when she was just a week old. With my second, we moved across country at two weeks old, and now with my third, we manage quick trips at just three weeks old, and we even went on our first road trip when she was a week old. I just cannot sit at home all day. Granted, it takes forever to get ready and get out of the house, especially with three, but I find that I feel more 'normal' than I would sitting inside my house all day without getting some fresh air. Miss Caroline will be born during "flu season" and so was my oldest, but I wore her in a sling, and just wouldn't let strange people touch her!

  12. I'm from Canada and had a 1 year maternity leave for my son. I loved it soo much I didn't go back. Now home with my 17 month old son and 2 week old daughter.

    As for looking not cute.... you're adorable!! I had gained 25 pounds by 29 weeks with both my kids- talk about not feeling cute!!

  13. I can't wait to see you as a mama! I know you and your little baby girl will have so much fun!

  14. I loved my job and still do. I actually ended up going back to work at 8 weeks from home and had a nanny come to the house daily. It was wonderful, because I got the joy of working but also got some much needed snuggling in with my baby. It is great.

  15. okay you seriously have the best time for maternity leave! i am sure with so many things to look forward to you will be busy and happy at home- but i think it's totally normal to feel this way right now, for the record :)

  16. Seriously, my son is 7 weeks old and I've been back to work for 2 1/2 weeks already. As much as I truly love him to death, I couldn't stay there all day. I got a lot of flack from other women who decided to take 3 months off (including my boss who wanted me to stay home longer to 'cherish' cleaning up spit up). I am fortunate enough to have my husband at home right now, so he sends pictures and little movies throughout the day so I can get my fix. As much as I respect the stay at home moms, I dont understand how they can stay home all day every day.

    Also, I put off the maternity pant thing as long as possible too, but felt so much better after I bought some jeans that fit. Try Destination Maternity, they have decent prices for nice jeans. And keep in mind, unfortunately, you will very likely be wearing those pants a little after the baby is born.

    Good luck! (btw, I'm a long time follower/instagram friend, but never comment. Great job on staying up to date with the blogging)


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