Bumpdate: {27 Weeks}

Apparently workout clothes have become the new normal for my bump pics : )
Weight Loss/Gain?  8 lbs.  

Cravings:  Lots of fresh peaches this week – YUM! Big salads with ranch dressing and lots of shredded cheese have tasted so divine. And, as always, steak. It’s safe to say that Baby Caroline is a fan of the ribeye. She’ll fit in well with this carnivorous family. 

Things that don’t sound appetizing? Anything with frosting (read: cupcakes or cake), or anything too syrupy sweet, like Sonic slushes, which I previously loved in my non-pregnant life.

Favorite Moment this Week:  Starting the process of washing and hanging Caroline's little outfits in her closet. Never have I not minded doing laundry so much!

Funniest Moment this Week:  Deciding to throw in the towel and get a pedicure from a pro this weekend. I usually do mine at home because I’m weird and can’t stand someone else touching my feet (they’re SO sensitive.) However, leaning over to paint toe nails or tie shoes is getting really hard to do, so to the spa I shall go.
Taken Tuesday night for the Savoir-Faire post...love this dress so much, so I wanted to include it.

Sleeping: Better, actually. I’ve been trying to cut back on late night liquid drinking to reduce trips to the bathroom. 

Clothes: I’m still able to wear regular clothes, but pants and shorts definitely require the BeBand, which has been a lifesaver (and a money saver…maternity pants are expensive). I bought a couple more expensive versions from maternity stores, but the $16 BeBand works just as well!

Most NOT looking forward to: The dreaded glucose test on July 29. BUT, I feel a lot better after consulting my Twitter girls yesterday. Apparently, though unpleasant, it is tolerable. I'm nervous tat the possibility of having to do the 3-hour version, but I'd rather know (and get treatment) if gestational diabetes is in the cards for me. 

Most looking forward to: Getting her "big" furniture set up this weekend. The folks from Pottery Barn are coming to put everything together for us and I can't wait to see how it all looks!


  1. you better do a HUGE blog post on miss caroline's nursery when it's all finished. i need to see every single tiny detail, because i'm sure it is going to be a dream ;)

  2. The drink really isn't that bad! Make sure you keep it really cold and chug. Just tastes like a sugary Gatorade! I highly doubt you have gestational diabetes! You look so cute preggers!

  3. You are absolutely adorable. Pregnancy looks so good on you!

  4. Pottery Barn delivers AND sets up- that's awesome.

    You look radiant. I can only hope that when I'm pregnant I look that cute, and have your cravings!!! I fear I will want cupcakes 24/7!

    Good luck with the glucose test!

  5. youre looking fab girly! xo


  6. congratulations beautiful!



  7. You look great! And don't worry about the glucose test--you'll be fine! I'm actually in the 1-hour wait of mine right now! I chose the orange flavor an it tasted just like McDonalds Orange Drink--I am ashamed to say I kind of enjoyed it!
    Have a great 27th week!

  8. Try not to eat anything before the glucose test..... hopefully it's scheduled early in the day, or just don't eat a lot of sugar before hand (which doesn't sound like you do anyway). The drink isn't too bad. It's like a flat orange soda, that is sugary.

  9. You look lovely in that dress!! It's gorgeous and so are you!

    I can't wait to see Miss Caroline's nursery!

    Steak, salad and peaches sounds good to me!

  10. I dreaded the glucose test as well, but truthfully I thought the drink tasted delicious since I was oh so hungry! (I had orange!)

    You'll be great!

  11. So glad you got your furniture from PB! I work for their corporate office!In October will send you a friends and family coupon for 20%!!!
    Looking good mama!!

  12. Don't dread the glucose test too much Mama! It's not as bad as some people make it seem - it's just like drinking a super sweet fruit punch and that's it! You will be just fine:) Can't wait to hear about Caroline's nursery furniture once it arrives!:)

  13. When I was preggers with my Caroline {10 now} one of the few thins I could eat was ribeye! And she loves it :) Don't panic over the glucose test. I chose the orange and it was just like a sweeter Sunkist orange soda. I think some women have a bad experience and then that's all we hear about ;)

  14. My nurse gave me the best flavor of the glucose test (so she said). It was red and tasted exactly like Hawaiian Punch... so it's not so bad. Good luck and I am sure you will be fine!

  15. So sweet! I LOVE your mint dress, & you look wonderful!


  16. I got the glucose test done a few weeks ago. I thought that it was going to be a piece of cake and it was! The drink just tasted like a really sugary syrupy orange soda, and I drink nothing but water, so it was a bit of a shock, but definitely could have been worse I'm sure. The blood drawing wasn't bad, either. It was like a normal blood drawing, but the girl busted my vein and it was horrible. I had a bruise for two weeks. Battered pregnant wife, coming right up! Good luck.

    PS-You're tiny pregnant like me. I'm 31 weeks and am definitely going to get a pedi once this polish wears off! ;)

  17. You look great!

    You'll knock the test out of the water!

  18. I was wondering where you got your 'welcome' door mat? I've been searching for one just like that. In fact, I've bought several but it seems like after a couple of week the black starts to rub off.

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