Four Years Later: Happy Birthday Blog!

Today marks FOUR years since I started this blog! I'm still amazed that I actually stuck with a hobby for this long.

Sometimes folks ask how and why I started blogging. For me, it began as a way to learn how to manage a blog for the company where I previously worked. I worked for a regional bank and we decided to start a blog, which in 2009, not many businesses were doing. So I began my own blog as a way to learn the ropes, not having a clue what I'd write about or if I'd keep it going.

I was shocked to find that a month after launching A Blonde Ambition, I had actual regular readers, ha! I kept writing about the only things I knew well: shopping, clothes and bargain hunting : ) A year later in 2010, my traffic was pretty solid and I was having such a good time connecting with other women bloggers, so I kept it up.

Four years later, I've...

-Met a ton of really sweet blogger friends, like Sarah - my sister-in-law!

-Been introduced to the love of my life.

-Oh, and married him, too!

-Changed jobs. Well, changed careers, actually.

-Made amazing connections with local businesses, the same folks who still help sponsor this blog today.

-Become pregnant with sweet Caroline Rose, who we'll meet in October.

I cannot wait to see what year #5 has in store for our growing family! I also cannot stress enough how much God has blessed me through this blogging community throughout the past four years. I am tremendously lucky and thankful that you all - my friends - have stuck around to read this silly thing.


Lastly, I'd like to give special thanks to the LADIES, (yep, all women-owned small businesses), who sponsor and support this blog and its mission of "simply having more fun" every day:

Becca, Jena, Meredith and the crew at Maude Boutique - my first blog sponsor (since 2010!)

Tess, Ashley, Annalise, Melissa and the rest of the gang at Savoir-Faire

Kirsten at Riffraff and her amazing support staff

Laci from The Rage, all the way in Mena, AR!

Sweet Megan from Hazel's Haven


  1. Happy Blog a Versary!!
    Your blog makes me happy when ever i come to read it, i leave with a smile on my face. Your pretty awesome oh and pretty too :)

  2. You've had a great run and a great four years. I always forget my blogiversary which is the same as yours. Then, if you mention it I'm like, oh yeah! I guess I've been following you from the start. : )

  3. Congratulations! Lots of fun changes in these past few years, and many more fun ones to come. :)

  4. Congrats! You and your blog are so wonderful!

  5. So many wonderful things documented on here! Happy Bloggy Birthday! :)

  6. Congrats, Leslie! I'll never forget you helping me through a style rut a few years ago. :) LOVE from NC!

  7. Happy Four Years! I love your blog and wish I had discovered it sooner!

  8. Happy Blog a versary sweet girl.. I have enjoyed your blog & still do! Cannot wait to see what this next year holds for you..

  9. Happy blogiversary!! You have come such a long way!

  10. Every single time I see a new post I smile, so I guess that means I'm having fun! :-) Keep 'em coming, girl because we really do enjoy your blogging. Thank you and here's to at least four more years!!!

  11. Wow- who would have known that a little hobby would produce so many miracles? I have been reading for awhile now, and I would like to say that your blog keeps a smile on my face.

    Happy Anniversary!


  12. Your blog always leaves a smile on my face! I am so thankful that it was reccomended to me almost two years ago. You have inspired me more than you know, and you are one of the main reasons I started my own blog last summer. Happy blog anniversary! :)


  13. such a sweet treat to read your blog! without sounding cray cray, you're the type of person that I think to myself, "I want to be friends with her." :))) take care!!

  14. Congratulations on 4 years! I love checking in and reading up on what you've got going on. Love the bump posts too! Love ya cuz,

  15. congratulations on 4 years! That is amazing!

  16. Aww I love this!! I'm so glad I met you through blogging! My sex year blogeversary is next week. CRAZY!


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