Bumpdate: {26 Weeks}

Forgive the running attire...I had Stephen snap this after our walk last night.

Weight Loss/Gain?  Haven’t weighed this week, so I’m not sure : ) We shall see at next week's appointment. 

Cravings:  If I could, I’d be living on steak. Delicious flank, skirt, ribeye or filet. I crave it constantly and passionately. I dream about it. I think of what spices and marinades I might pair it with. #carnivore

(Alas, I’m using restraint and only letting my inner cavewoman take over once a week, or so. You know, being heart healthy and all.)

Favorite Moment this Week:  Having Pottery Barn call us to set up a time for them to assemble Caroline’s dresser, crib and nightstand. As in, THEY’RE DOING IT FOR US. This might be the best news we’ve heard since finding out about our dear babe.

Funniest Moment this Week:  Getting a glimpse of my roots in the mirror on Monday and thanking the good Lord that today I’m getting a fresh highlight. Pregnancy has made this hair grow at warp speed.

Sleeping: Meh. The bump is growing and I’ve retreated to the couch several nights in a row because I can’t seem to get comfy. The plus side of this is that I’ve seen just about every sunrise this week : ) #silverlinings

Clothes: Regular clothes and having fun styling them for this momma-to-be body! Still haven’t quite gotten to the “maternity clothes are a must” point yet, but I see it in the near future.

Most looking forward to: Fall weather. We’ve been blessed with an extraordinarily cool summer for Arkansas, but this week’s temps have been blazing. 97 yesterday…ack!


  1. look at you! and caroline! so exciting for your sweet family and your teeny tiny bump is getting ginormous ;) you look wonderful xo

  2. I'm a new follower and you are just adorable pregnant! Excited to follow along on your pregnancy journey. My husband and I were blessed with a little girl in September and motherhood is the best! Enjoy!

  3. Look at how cute you are! You look so happy! Have a wonderful week!

  4. Your little bump is starting to 'pop'! Love it:) So happy that you are feeling better at this stage in your pregnancy. Can't wait to see Caroline's nursery - Pottery Barn has beautiful things, so I just know the furniture is going to be precious!

  5. I've heard that you can't highlight your hair while pregnant. (Which always freaks me out for my future since I don't want to have 9 months of roots!) But apparently you can.. is it special dye?

  6. Your bump is super cute!

    We had pottery barn come and put together our crib and dresser and it was totally worth it! They did an amazing job! You will love it!

    I am having a baby girl, any day now! I am 36 weeks today! Pregnancy flies by!

  7. Kaliwood - Oh girl, that's an old wives' tale ; ) It's completely safe. Ask your OB to confirm first, though : )

  8. You should get the Snoogle pillow, it is a bit on the expensive side but was a lifesaver in the sleep department! So worth the money!!

  9. Seriously.. Look how cute you look!

  10. You look beautiful and glowy!!!


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