Whitney English Planner Review

I’m old school. Even though I always put appointments and reminders in both my work Outlook calendar and in my iPhone, I love having a real, paper and ink planner to keep track of life’s details. Recently, my planner expired and, with the bambina on the way, I wanted to upgrade to something a little thicker and more spacious than my Target version.

My friend Christi bought one a few months ago and I loved the way hers looked. I compared a few different styles and brands, including:

-Erin Condren
-Whitney English (obviously)

 All three were really, really similar in size and space for writing, so for me, it came down to aesthetics. I LOVED the clean black and white exterior cover of the Whitney English design. Plus, she had this cool personal brand and goal planning section at the front of hers that really appealed to the PR professional in me. (In case you’re new here, I’m a writer for a public relations firm.) And finally, there was a LOT of space to accommodate my gigantic chicken scratch handwriting.

I’ll be honest, the girly girl in me would have loved the personalized stickers that the E.C. planner offered, but I plan to purchase some cute scrapbooking stickers at Hobby Lobby to utilize for the same purpose for my Whitney English planner.

All said and done, I’m really happy with my choice. Because I like things neat n’ tidy, I made a comparison chart for you:
And there you have it! I bought mine on Etsy, here.

*I was not compensated or given the product to write this review. This is strictly my opinion of a really great planner that I'm pleased I purchased!


  1. Super strange question, how is the paper in there? Is it thick? I hate when you get bleed through from pens. I have been eyeing this planner up for quite some time but didn't want to take the plunge! Love that you did a review!! :) Thank you!!

  2. Thanks for posting this! I'm still debating straying from my beloved Erin Condren. Luckily, I have until December to decide!

  3. I am a planner FREAK and have been eyeing this.... I feel like I need to get this ASAP. So much space - it looks like it's a whole page for each day. Gorgeous cover too.


  4. I've never heard of Whitney English before and was considering getting an Erin Condren planner once my little one arrives, but now I might need to reconsider! Thanks for the review!

  5. Love the Planner! It's adorable and looks so much like a stylish book in your bag! Can't wait to see how it keeps you in touch with your life!

  6. I think you can get it monogrammed now. I just bought one TODAY for Jan 14-Jan 15 (gold stripes bec I don't want a monogram) and they had a monogram version with a pattern.

    Your pics were helpful in this. I am a SERIOUS scheduling fail lately. I have printouts of TomKat Studios calendars for blog posts, a paper-source desk calendar at home and work, Gcal, iCal, and a million lists and I STILL keep screwing up scheduling and double booking myself. So I am going to force myself to use this book and get it together.


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