Confessional Friday: {First Link-up!}

Huh-low! How are y'all on this pretty Friday morning? It's time for our official, first Confessional Link-Up! I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours ; )

1. I'm turning 27 tomorrow! At the beginning of the week, I was dreading my birthday, but I'm actually THRILLED now. Sometimes I feel like life is flying by so fast and that scares me, but then I realized that this is exactly where I wanted to be in my life at this point., I just never thought it would happen. Married to the love of my life, co-owner of a home, healthy, surrounded by amazing friends and family...it's all gravy : )

2. I didn't love the Victoria's Secret fashion show this year. I felt like the models were a titch too skinny and I immediately started to miss the days of Heidi and Tyra and Marissa. I'm starting a campaign to bring curves back to lingerie modeling : )

3. I ate pumpkin pie for breakfast on Monday morning.

4. I wish the Kardashians would go away.

5. I've been a very bad Santa this year so far. I have yet to begin my Christmas shopping which stinks because I know I'll be THAT GIRL, running around like mad on Christmas Eve trying to get her shopping finished : )

6. I love to play dress-up in my own closet. Somedays, I change clothes two or three times throughout the day...just 'cuz. Yeah, I'm weird...

7. I have an irrational fear of balloons. Well, really anything that pops, (cap guns, fireworks, cans of biscuits, etc.) Children playing with balloons makes me even more nervous. This is exactly why I could never play that carnival game where you throw the dart and try to hit a balloon. Anywho, they were giving them out to kids in Wal-mart yesterday, which gave me a small anxiety attack. I was in and out faster than you can say "latex".

8. I'm sad SEC football season is nearly over. Basketball just doesn't excite me like football.

That's all I've got! What'cha got ladies? Let me hear those confessions!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I haven't started either, I'm working on a post about Christmas shopping today. I wish Kim Kardashian would go away (BARF), but I have a soft spot for Khloe and Kourtney. They still make me LOL!!

    I confess I have wet straight from the shower hair in a bun on my head right now because i woke up late. I HATE MORNINGS!

  2. I agree with balloons! I always hated in summer camp when they gave us water balloons or we had to play the game when you have to sit on the balloon and whoever pops it first wins. Ugh! I hate when ballooons pop!

  3. I sound just like you. I'm sad football season is almost over, I have NOT started Christmas shopping, I wish the Kardashians would go away, too, and I'm pretty sure I would be PUMPED if curves would come back to VS! They're too skinny!

  4. Not impressed with the show as much either. I posted about that too...hahaha!

    Dear Karsadhians you aren't important. Dear America help SHOW them so!

    Thanks for hosting the link up! Love the idea.


  5. Love the link up!
    Thanks for hosting!
    The Kardshians are off the chain!

  6. OMG - I feel so normal now. I HATE balloons, hate them. Everyone makes fun of me for being scared of balloons but I tell yah that popping biz is too much. Worst thing - when they have those stupid people making balloon animals in a resturant! You cant leave quickly and kids are WEARING balloons all around you. Ick

  7. ahh I'm so jealous you had pie for breakfast! I would love some right about now =]

  8. Dear sweet baby Jesus in your tiny tuxedo t-shirt, please make the Kardashians go away. Thank you and Amen!

    I started my shopping, then my 4 year old found the Toys R us bag. EEEK! So I've put shopping on hold until I can find a better hiding spot lol.

    Happy early Birthday!

    So exciting!
    And everything in your life is just perfect right where it is - so nice and refreshing to see someone who feels blessed and is enjoying every minute of it!
    Have a blessed weekend :)

  10. i ate pumpkin pie for breakfast this morning! cold from the fridge with a glass of 2%! YUMMMM.

  11. Happy almost birthday!

    I agree - so sick of the Kardashians! Enough!

    The occasional pumpkin pie for breakfast is totally reasonable! xoxo

  12. Happy Almost Birthday!!!
    Cute idea and I love your blog!
    New follower:)

  13. Thanks for hosting. It was a fun read and I enjoyed writing my own. Can't wait to visit some others. I almost confessed that I'm a college basketball lover - actually watch games with teams that I don't care about! My only excuse is that I'm from Indiana and we live and breathe b-ball!

  14. I completely agree with SEC Football being over! Makes me so sad! :(

  15. I hope you have a fabulous birthday and a fun time celebrating!!!

  16. thanks for hosting!! i am sad about sec football being over as well... but hopefully ill be signing glory glory to ol' georgia at the end of the championship game tomorrow!

  17. Happy happy happy early birthday!!! And I eat cake for breakfast EVERY time after I bake it!

  18. Yes...Kim go away! Happy Birthday! I'm trying to catch up on blogs I used to visit and get back in to things. I love your confession post! Jennifer:)

  19. It made me so happy to know that someone else is scared of things that pop! Especially balloons... ever since I was little I have been scared of them popping. Thought I would grow up of it... not at all.


  20. I'm kind of tired of the Kardashions too. Hope you had a fab birthday love!

  21. Idk Arkansas has a new bball coach..things might get interesting.


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