Pen Pal Follow-Up

via This is Glamorous

274 emails later...

By now, you should have gotten an automatic email from me addressed to you and your pen pal. If you applied for a pen pal and did not get an email yet, please let me know by EMAIL ONLY. Remember to check your SPAM folder before contacting me though, because it may have ended up there depending upon your email settings.

A couple other things:

1. I tried as best I could to match everyone up according to marital status, age and hobbies, but I'm only human and was matching up 274 peeps, so I may have missed the mark a bit. My best advice is to embrace it if your pen pal doesn't have much in common with you. Sometimes, the people we think we're least likely to become friends with end up surprising us. We can learn A LOT about other people by keeping an open mind. So please don't stop writing to your pen pal just because she doesn't share your love of Justin Beiber.

2. Please try to get at least one letter or card out to your pen pal before the holidays are over. I want us to get the ball rolling quickly on this.

3. If you have not been able to get in touch with your pen pal via the email that was sent to you, please let me know. I'll investigate.

I think that's it! Y'all have fun writing to your new friend!

UPDATE: I'm turning off the comments because I need y'all to email me with your info again : ) I have no way of knowing what some of your email addresses are through comments only (if you don't have that setting enabled), and therefore am not able to pull up your info you originally sent. 

Be blessed, lovelies-