Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

It's the most wonderful time of the week, ladies! Let's confess, shall we?

1. Not really a confession, but I LOVE my new highlights! Yesterday, my girl Jennifer added a couple of honey blonde lowlights in with the usual baby blonde highlights and I love the result. Also can't believe how long my hair is getting....crazy times!

2. We still have a whole, WHOLE lot of Christmas shopping to get done. And I've also resolved to knowing that we probably won't be sending out Christmas cards.

3. ...Except to the people that have asked for our addresses so that they could send a Christmas card to us. Which then forces that awkward moment of "Oh, of course you can have our address!" Which then forces me to say, "Can we have yours?" Because I would just look like a jerk if someone asked for our address to send us a Christmas card and I didn't want theirs.

4. I still love Tim Tebow this week. The boy is winning games and lookin' good doing it. Y'all haters can keep chewin' on that : )

5. After witnessing what can only be described as a holy meltdown by a toddler in Wal-mart yesterday, I've decided we will stick to raising dogs. What's worse, the mom kept telling the kid, "Count to ten and calm down. What do you think of your behavior right now? What would be a better choice of behavior right now?"

(It was one of those new age parents who tries to reason things out with a four year old. Because THAT makes sense.)

I can tell you what my parents would have thought of my "behavior" if I'd have acted like that. I'd have ended up with a sore rear end and that meltdown would've ended quicker than it started.

Following the toddler's meltdown, my nerves were fried and I immediately needed a stiff drink and a cigarette. Except I don't drink hard alcohol or smoke cigs. So instead I just pulled through the Starbucks drive-thru, my drug of choice.

What are your confessions today?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Woo Hoo on all your holiday shopping and I too love your highlights...so pretty! Also, I too am loving Tim Tebow!

    Liesl :)

  2. I totally don't understand the whole "reasoning" thing. I mean seriously? Seriously?! Anyway, good luck with your Christmas shopping. I just started the other day and oh my word am I stressed! Hopefully I will finish today!

  3. You're hilarious. And I cannot agree more with the whole toddler punishment thing... I would have had a sore rearend as well :) No sassing to my parents in our household!

  4. i love reading your confessions. you're just so funny & witty. and i mean that girlfriend.

  5. I totally included Tim Tebow in my confession post today too! :) Oh---and I SO hear you on the reasoning with a kid having a tantrum. One smack on the rear or a flick upside the head (my dad's favorite method of discipline while sitting in a church pew) would solve a lot of problems!


  6. new follower :)
    i love the highlights!
    i haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. and cards...can be so awkward!

  7. New follower & first Confessional Friday for me! So much fun! The children of Wal-Mart are almost as bad as the people of Wal-Mart! GAH! Wish some people could actually control their children! LOL!


  8. I applaud Tebow's character...not a big Gator fan though!

    Love your hair, it looks fabulous!!!


  9. I've gotten asked my address for Christmas cards, didn't ask for theirs back and really didn't feel bad about it at all! X mas cards are not necessary and I'm not a bah humbug either. I love Christmas.

  10. bahahaha. This was great! I'm the same way, though--the way other people let their kids act, stresses me out. Spank their dang butts!!

  11. I couldn't agree with you more about Tim Tebow... in fact, I let my disgust be known...


  12. OMG I LOL at the toddler comments! Thank you for posting this! "New Age PArents" need to realize this!

  13. I love your highlights too!!! Fab job to your hairdresser!!

    Happy Friday!!

  14. You make me laugh, Les! Always love your posts, for real. Your hair looks FABULOUS and I loooove how long it's getting--so gorgeous. And I'm pretty sure that I would've had to fight the urge to tell that mama all the child needed was a good spanking.......

    Maybe spanking is taboo and unheard of these days, but I can sure tell you--I had quite a few in my day and deserved every.single.one of them. Pretty sure they solved any discipline problem I ever had :)

    Happy weekend, sweet friend. Blessed by your friendship--I don't think I tell you that enough!

  15. your hair looks great!

    and i completely agree about the reasoning discipline theories... ive seen a couple people do it, and it hasnt worked... and they keep trying... im all about it if it WORKS. but if your kid is still laying on the ground throwing a fit you just sound ridiculous.

  16. You never cease to crack me up! Your hair looks fabulous! And Starbucks is also my drug of choice.

    I understand "reasoning" to a certain extent, but that sounds ridiculous!

  17. Those new age parents drive me nuts! And I live in Berkeley, CA the mecca of crazy new age parents and let me tell you, I would NEVER try and discuss with my two year old (and yes, I have a two year old) anything regarding behavior. I don't spank, but she knows when mom means business by my voice and I'm not above yanking her out of the store by her britches!

  18. I love tim tebow and I agree that debating with a cranky 4 year old doesn't work! hah I knew I would get spanked if I was bad when I was little! It never really happened bc the thought of it was fear enough to be good =]

    Btw, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog right now so if you wanna win something cute you should check it out =]

  19. Last year, (the first year I was married) we sent out New Year's cards instead of Christmas cards. It worked out pretty good, and it's something different. I just made it on shutterfly and put some of our wedding pics on it! Just an idea for you :)

  20. I can't get the Linkytool to work :( But I LOVE this Link Up!

  21. Your hair looks awesome! :) My husband and I shared a good laugh about the toddler meltdown story. That is so ridiculous!

  22. Ooooo I feel ya with the Christmas cards! Husband and I almost went broke sending out Christmas cards to the "oh yea, your cards in the mail, what's your address again? You know, just in-case it bounces back..." people.


  23. Your last comments about alcohol and a cig makes me laugh! I totally agree.


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