Deep Thoughts for Your Monday

via Kate Spade

Well, helloooooooo there. How are things in your world today? Cold, yes?

I searched the deepest recesses of my brain today for blog post ideas and alls I came up with was this stupid list of random thoughts. (Yes, I said 'alls'- I'm Joe Pesci today),

I think I'll put the above sentence on a T-shirt. It's so brief and poignant, you know?

1. We went to Oklahoma City this past weekend to visit Stephen's dad and see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra show. I got zero pics. Not one single photo. But trust me when I say, it was a rockin' good time. And Oklahoma is not nearly as barren and flat as I once thought it was ; ) Ok, it's still as flat as I remember, however, they do have great shopping!

2. I saw this little post about holiday cocktail party etiquette on Kate Spade's site and it made me chuckle. I was reminded of the Christmas party we attended last year with my then-fiance (now my hubs). His co-worker's wife had enjoyed a few too many adult beverages and decided to put up a chair for herself next to the BRAND NEW CEO who had flown in, just for the party. Next thing we know, she's bent over his shoulder asking him if he'd ever played Dance, Dance Revolution and if he liked LMFAO.

This guy is like, 50-some odd years old, went to an Ivy League school, lived in Italy and worked for GE for years before he got moved to my husband's company. He's esteemed and serious and reads the NY Times. And probably wipes his behind with dollar bills.

Understandably, my husband's coworker was appalled at the behavior of his wifey-poo. I, however, was elated : ) Love a good awkward moment.

3. I'm giving serious consideration to buying the DCC uniform I spoke of Friday. Of course I'll have to get spray tanned and paint some abs on my stomach. And maybe get breast implants. And grow longer legs...

4. I saw a tweet from a girl on Friday saying that she'd spent $400 on high-end wrapping paper.

5. "So Leslie, what are your thoughts on spending $400 on high end wrapping paper?", you ask.

Oh, you mean that stuff that gets ripped off and tossed in the can after the 10 seconds of actual present opening time is completed? If you have to ask, you really don't know me that well.

6. I'm loving that Tim Tebow is shutting his critics down. Goes to show that sometimes prayer can do wonders, even for hopeless NFL teams with formerly no chance of going to the playoffs.

7. I also love that Tom Brady got into a screaming fight with the offensive coordinator yesterday. I love a good hollering match.

8. I really am a girl, I swear. I just appreciate the Holy Sport known as Football.

9. I want a pen pal. Anyone interested in bringing handwritten letters back from the dead, too?

I'm stopping at 9, because 10 is too predictable.

And I'm a loose cannon like that.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. OMG Tom Brady's screaming match yesterday made me love him even more!

  2. I loooove handwritten letters! I'll be your pen pal ;)

  3. I loved watching the screaming match and I'm not even a fb fan. $400 on wrapping paper?? That's a little crazby!

  4. I saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra a few years ago and they are AWESOME! I've been wanting to see them again, but I am always out of town every year when they come to Houston. Glad you enjoyed the show!

  5. Love the awkward moment too! We had my husband's team Christmas party last night - some of the other wives had a little too much vino as well and made asses of themselves in front of management, sponsors, the guy that signs their husband's pay check, etc. Woo! What a night! You can write to me in Italy too!! :o)

  6. Awkward moments rock...as long as I'm not involved!

    I've always wanted a pen pal. I had one in middle school and it was fun.

    I would love to be your pen pal.


    ps.com did you hear how Orlando Bloom framed all of the love letters he and miranda karr wrote each other. give them to her as a gift. How sweet.

  7. I've always loved hand written letters, and writing cards! It's a great reason to get new (pretty) stationary too! Ha. I'd love to be your pen pal!

    And that's too funny about your husbands co-worker! Although, I'm sure she doesn't think so!



  8. I want a pen pal too! Wouldn't that be a fun "blog swap" and instead of swapping gifts or items, you get paired up with a pen pal.

  9. Oklahoma City sounds so fun! I really enjoy reading your blog. It's one of my daily go-to's.

  10. I write REAL HONEST TO GOODNESS letters all the time! I can send one to you too if you'd like! Maybe we should set up a letter swap like people do ornament swaps. How fun would that be?!

  11. LOVE Tim Tebow and the way he stands up for his belief in Jesus and isn't afraid for everyone to know! I can't ever remember an athlete that was so solid and outspoken about his faith. My son sat by his mom on a 35 minute shuttle last month and said she was awesome. She raised a great son.

  12. You are just full of hilarious-ness today, girl! Thanks for the giggles and thoughts! ;)

    I'm glad my old city (OKC) was kind to you! Did you get to visit Bricktown? ...or fancy shopping in Edmond?

  13. Glad Oklahoma didn't disappoint you! We do have very flat land here; I'll give you that. It was a culture shock for me to be in San Fran last week where EVERYTHING is on hills. ha ha


  14. Handwritten letters are the best! I am always reminded of that during the holiday season, when the Christmas cards start coming in, (I love picture cards too!) I would definitely be up for being your (or someone's) pen pal!!! :)

  15. I've always wanted to see Trans Siberian Orchestra. I'm sure they were amazing. Happy Monday!

  16. $400 wrapping paper? Craziness! Wish I would've known you were in OKC. Would love to have met up with you!

  17. i would be your pen pal! i used to love getting letters in the mail!

  18. I would love to be your pen pal Leslie!!! I am 14, so, I have tons of good drama to fill you in on! Plus I have some pretty darn cute stationary that's ready to be used ;) Please contact!


  19. Me, Me! I'll be your Southern girl BFF! :) Pen Pals sound fun!

  20. Love your posts!! Was wondering if you'd consider doing a favorite things post maybe even with a link-up. I'm in need of good not super expensive gift ideas. Could do a can't live without these items or favorite beauty items or something. Just an idea.:) hope you have a fabulous week!

  21. I'm also loving that MrTebow keeps the team spirits up & they pull a win every week! And what exciting games these have made for, to say nail biter, is an understatement!!!

  22. The Tom Brady screaming match made my day. Hilarious!

  23. I love this post. You may have felt it was not creative, but I think a nice random list awlways makes for a good read. Oh and as a fellow girl- football lover I appreciated the shout out to Tebow and Brady =)

  24. You should totally wear that outfit and girl you can totally pull it off!


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