New Year, New You: {The Right Choice}

Winter is synonymous with comfort food, it's true. Loaded baked potatoes, creamy soups and warm pies and cakes dominate our tables and when warmer weather hits, we're left with nothing but 10 extra pounds and an ugly food hangover.

Changing your eating habits is about making smart choices day after day until they stick and you don't have to consciously decide whether to eat the apple or the apple pie. Changing your eating habits also means changing the choices you make when eating out. No more Tour of Italy-sized portions. No more super-sized orders of fries at Mikey D's.

It's unrealistic to think that you'll never eat out again once you're on a diet. Eating out is a pleasure and one we should enjoy with the ones we love. It isn't, however, an excuse to undo all the good you've done on the dieting front though.

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Here are a few examples of what to eat at some of the most popular restaurants out there to ensure you don't completely bomb your diet:

Instead of a Sausage Biscuit for 430, indulge in an Egg McMuffin + Small Coffee for only 300 calories! Skip the Fruit and Maple Oatmeal, which contains over 32g of sugar...yikes!

Chick Fil-A
Instead of the Classic Chicken Sandwich + Medium Waffle Fries, which add up to 820 calories, go for a Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich + Fruit Cup for only 340 calories!

I'll be honest, I LOVE Sonic. But most of their items aren't really the healthiest choices. However, if you do have to eat here, order the Jr. Burger + Small Tots for 470 calories. It's not great, but it's better than the Extra Long Chili Cheese Coney : )

Y'all know I'm a 'Bucks junkie. Although I'd love to indulge in a 380 calorie Pumpkin Spiced Latte every day, my usual beverage is a Tall Vanilla Latte w/ Non-Fat Milk for only 120 calories.

Honestly, if you're dieting, steer clear of this place at all costs. BUT, if you have no choice and wind up here, stick to their Guiltless Grill menu. For example, the Guiltless Grill Salmon with Veggies will only run you about 480 calories.

Olive Garden
Olive Garden has some surprisingly healthy options on their menu these days. My personal fav? The Cappellini Pomodoro lunch portion for 480 calories. Steer clear of the Tour of Italy. It'll run you around 1,450 calories!

Bonefish Grill
My favorite menu item here is also one of their healthiest. The Ahi Tuna Sashimi rings it at a mere 376 calories, containing no trans fats and little sugar, with TONS of omega 3s.

Wherever you eat out at a place where nutritional info is unavailable, remember to steer clear of:

-Creamy sauces, heavy dressings and dipping sauces. These are the fastest way to rack up calories.

-Items heavy on sugar, like BBQ ribs and wings. Barbeque sauce contains as much sugar as maple syrup!

-Fried items. This is a no-brainer.

-Items with the word "loaded". This implies it's not only loaded with bacon and cheese, but also with calories!

I hope this helps you to make a smarter choice the next time you're out for dinner. Remember that eating out is no excuse to throw your healthy lifestyle out the window!

* Caloric information from Men's Health Magazine

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. This is perfect! Love the tips and so wish we even had a Bonefish Grill here...maybe someday! I just weighed myself yesterday and made me happy that I am only 14 lbs away from where I was in high school! so I m super charging my diets after the New Year!!!

  2. great info! thanks! although I do love me a sonic limeade...haha

  3. Thanks girl!! Eating out is my downfall because I don't cook a whole lot. I'm not a big fan of leftovers and cooking for one is hard sometimes, so I just take the easy way out and don't cook at all. One thing I'm trying to change this year is cooking more often. Thanks for the info!

  4. Love this!! You are so helpful mam!! Anddd ... the chicken soup at chick-fil-a is only around 140 calories (i think i recall correctly)! I always get that as a side to fill you up and for minimal cals.

  5. Thanks for the specific examples! I know the things to avoid but never take the time to do my "homework" and find out what to get in advance. Another good idea I have heard is to ask for a to-go box WITH your food and immediately put half away to take home!

  6. how'd you know I was thinking of getting back on track? ha Now that the hoildays are about to wrap up I need to get on a routine with exercise and EATING!

  7. Great post! My husband and I are on day 9 of p90x so we are definitely making these changes in 2012!

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  8. This is so great! I've been using the free app Lose It to track my calories and now I can add these foods into My Foods and have them in there (prepared) for when I go out to eat.

  9. Love that this is all about balance! Great options while traveling or just so we don't feel deprived!

  10. I needed the reminder that I can CHOOSE what I put in my body. With all of the holiday parties it's hard to say no to all the goodies. My family is very southern so I almost feel like I'm insulting them if I don't eat some of their recipes! But ultimately it's my body and I feel better when I choose the right things. Thanks!

  11. Thanks so much! A lot of these options sound really good! And the tips are really nice too. When I go to an Italian resturant I always order fettucine alfredo which probably breaks every rule! Plus something different sounds really good! I've never heard of Bonefish Grill. I'll have to see if there is one around here because it sounds good!


  12. Excellent tips! Just reminds me of the quote.. "Eat for the body you want, not the body you have."

    Thx, love! xo

  13. Loved all the helpful information! Thanks for doing these posts. Love the motivation.

  14. just found your blog yesterday and have been reading back a little! love your blog and am happy i have another fun blog to add to my reader.

    plus...i'm all for jump starting being healthy for the new year!


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