Ideas Needed!

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We're on the precipice of a new year, which got me to thinking...

I'm still in disbelief that this blog has been alive for 2.5 years now...that's crazy to me! It's also rather embarrassing to look back on early posts when this blog had no clear direction or theme. On that note, I'm not entirely sure it has direction or theme now, but at least it looks prettier : )

In the early days of 'ye olden blog, I chronicled my fascinating daily life that included riveting posts on "What I Like to Eat for Breakfast!" and "Happy 10th Birthday to My Dog Max - Isn't He Cute?!"

It was really something, y'all. 

But the years have passed; I've learned that people don't want to read about my preferences of laundry detergent, my site design has become less of a hot mess, and I've made quite a few friends in blogland.

So I'm asking YOU to tell me what you want to read about in 2012.

Uncle Sam wants your ideas, too! He loves A Blonde Ambition and wants it to be awesome for you.

More fashion? More cooking and DIY posts? We can talk about TV shows, working out, shopping, foreign policy and Justin Beiber's hair. Whatever you want, I'll give it to ya, (within reason that is.)

So shout it out, ladies! What would you like to see in 2012 from A Blonde Ambition?

P.S.- Come back tonight for the second installment of New Year, New You, where we'll debate bananas, as well as my own personal weight ; )

(Probably not funny unless you read last week's comments.)

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. ahhh, I'm in LOVE with your razorback outfit! Darling!

    I'm all about some health & fitness. Any posts would be lovely :)

  2. I personally think you do an amazing job of fashion, beauty, diy, random and life posts. I enjoy the mix of it all because I feel this blog gives us readers a glimpse of the real Leslie.

    Leslie don't change a thang, you're pretty fabulous in my book!


  3. I think your posts about fashion and fitness are great! I also love reading blogs that are more personal too. Either way... love your blog!

  4. I like the "random life" posts best!

  5. I like random life posts and real-life fashion (outfits you put together, as opposed to runway stuff). I've also learned a lot from your video tutorials. My eye makeup is better now, though I still can't get my poofs to stay up!

  6. Health and fitness for sure, love decor and DIY posts...love recent gossip. And of course I love your hair and fashion tutorials. Sooo basically don't change anything :) haha keep up the goooood work!

  7. newlywed life! since I just got engaged last night :) Merry Christmas!

  8. I have only been reading your blog for a few weeks, but so far everything has been great. I enjoy the diy and the fitness posts. :-)

    Btw, someday you should come visit Little Rock! I need a shopping assistant- now that I've lost weight and have a "big girl job" I need help! haha

  9. I think you are just too cute! I love your blog and I definitely like blogs where you give your ideas and are super honest almost a little too honest about it ya know what I mean ;)

    Good job Chica!

  10. Love the hair and makeup tutorials, along with everything else!! Love it all!!
    Can't wait to hear the great banana debate!! HAHA!!

  11. I like posts about ALL of those things! Except for maybe Justin Bieber's hair! haha

  12. I'd love to hear some date night ideas!

  13. I think your blog is prec! While i love fashion ideas I love seeing you and your hubby too:)

  14. I have to agree, don't change anything.
    Love your tips on what products to use.


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