Date Night + NYE Looks

Last night, Stephen and I had our "Christmas night" at home. We decided to wait until all the family get-togethers were finished so that we could be alone and just enjoy every second. We exchanged gifts and had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Bonefish Grill. And guess what else?! I discovered that my new camera, (the b-day present from Stephen), came equipped with a timer! This may have been the best part of the evening.

Coat from Victoria's Secret last year, pants from Dillard's by Chelsea & Violet, sweater by Ann Taylor and scarf was a gift from parent's 3 years ago.

New shoes were a gift from Stephen!

Among my favorite gifts he bought me, the shoes in the above pic, an adorable Judith March coat and one shoulder ruffle dress for dressy parties this year! (Yes, my husband is daring enough to pick out clothes for me...and in the PERFECT size, nonetheless!

Love the pleated ruffle detail....

After dinner, we came back to our house and had some cuddle time with Ari and Cash. They are mostly outside dogs, but once in a while they get to come inside and hang out : )

I have no idea why his eyes look so crazy...his eyes are brown!

Whether your husband buys it for you or not, all of us girls are going to be needing something cute for this weekend's NYE festivities!

New Year's Eve will always be special to me, since that's the night that Stephen proposed to me : ) However, I've always thought NYE was a great excuse to throw on a sparkly party dress, super chic pants or a dressy blazer, just because. Even if you're celebrating at home this year, you can incorporate some high style into your look.

1. I don't like this dress. I lurve it. The Warehouse Sequin One Shoulder Dress is a great little frock for stylish parties!

2. I LOVE this One Shoulder Metallic Jacquard dress from ASOS. Perfect for a super dressy party or get together where black tie attire is required.

3. This Icicle Elegance Necklace from ModCloth is just the right amount of shine for your NYE.

4. These One Avenue Drop Earrings by Kate Spade scream glamour, don't they?

5. Rachel Zoe can do no wrong. This amazing Double-Breasted Metallic Jacket proves just that.

6. Chevron print sequin heels? Can it be? It is. And you can get them here.

So tell me, what are your plans for New Year's Eve and, more importantly, WHAT WILL YOU WEAR?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Wow--that is impressive he'll pick out clothes for you! My mom still complains that my dad doesn't do that after 38 years of marriage. (He says he would never get it right; she says he could if he would actually be patient enough to walk through a store with her and see what she likes!)

    I don't even have that expectation of my husband, but if he could do as good a job as Stephen, I would love it!

  2. I loved seeing this pictures and um, can we say smoke show??? Look at you in those red pants and nude pumps. Love that entire look. I think the sweater may be my favorite part though. I'm dieing over the material. You always look so perfect!! Happy First Christmas as a wife Les!!

    oh um and he gets MAJOR husband points for that dress and jacket. Seriously. I need one of him.

  3. The dress...love it.

    The outfit with the red pants....I wish I could pull those off!

    Rock it, girl!

  4. Bruce doesn't venture into clothing, but pretty much has the jewelry thing figured out. That works for me. :)

  5. Looking stunning, as always! So glad to hear that your Christmas went wonderfully.

  6. Well done Stephen! That dress and coat are amazingly pretty!!! Especially that houndstooth it makes my heart sing ;)

    I am excited about NYE this year - I still don't know our plans but I've had a blazer and sparkle shirt that I had purchased for my rehearsal dinner that I didn't get to wear [it was too cold]. So I'm hoping I can make it work for the rocking NYE!

  7. He did a GREAT job picking out clothes! I'm impressed!

  8. MAJOR AWESOME POINTS to the hubby! He did an amazing job picking out things for you.

    If I could I would wear NYE sparkle ALL YEAR EVERYDAY! I love it so much! Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

    I hope your first married Christmas was everything you wanted it to be!


  9. You two are adorable, I think its a great idea that you had your own night and I love Bonefish! How fantastic is it that he was able to pick out a dress for you!

  10. Wow! Beautiful outfits - he did a good job! I am seriously loving the dress and the jacket... wouldn't mind having one of my own! :) Ha!

    And you looked beautiful! You always dress so well. And I'm so thankful for all the tips that you always provide on your blog! I definitely put them to good use!

    I hope you have a VERY Happy New Year!! :)



  11. Brownie Points err....Fat free cookie points for Stephen!!! Wow! He did really good with his clothing pics! I am totally impressed.

  12. My fiance is a winner at picking out clothes for me as well. We are lucky girls. Happy New Year!

  13. He done good on the dress! And I LOVE the jacket. I'm really big on having cute things to cover up with but not hide a cute outfit since I'm always cold.

  14. HUbby did a very good job! Love the puppies as well! I am too much of a softy to ever make my dogs stay outside.

    NYE is going to be amazing this year I think, Style has changed so much..I think I need something black and white and super sparkley!!!

    checking out these clothes! thanks!

  15. So much cuteness! Dogs and clothes, oh my!


  16. What a wonderful date night and fun outfit! Looks like you both had a great time and I hope the look you have picked for the new year is everything you hope and more! Have a magical 2012!

    Liesl :)

  17. love your outfit!! and yay for a new camera with a timer!

  18. You look great! M picks things out for me too, surprisingly. Glad you had a wonderful date night together :)


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