Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

It's the most wonderful time of the week, girls - Confessional Friday! (Not to mention, the last Confessional Friday of 2011...crazy, right?)

Let's get right to it, shall we?

1. We are having some of our wedding day pics "recreated" next month with the amazing Maliah Pinkleton and I'm so excited! Unfortunately, our photographer captured very few pics of just the two of us on the wedding day (I'd need an entire post to expound on this little debaucle), so we're enlisting the help of Maliah to get those shots. I met her at the Maude Boutique Photo Shoot at the end of October and LOVED her work. We are pumped to see what she creates...pumped!

2. To be fair, he did get several really nice pics, just not as many as we would have liked of Stephen and I.

3. I literally JUST got my pen pal letters in the mail! (Sorry for the delay, Sara and Kerstin!) I was so busy hooking everyone else up, I neglected my own. #PenPalFail

4. I confess that I haven't ever read any of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books, but I'm so intrigued by the movie. Has anyone seen it yet? Thoughts?

5. I love our two big furry babies SO much, but I must admit, I do miss having a cuddly little dog. I loved getting to play with Max and Lucy, my parents' dogs, over Christmas. I wouldn't trade Ari and Cash for anything, but I wouldn't be sad if a little fluff ball arrived on our door step next week either : )

6. I am thisclose to buying the black Tory Burch Reva Flats I've been coveting forever. I found some previously owned via Ebay last night that were in impeccable condition! Should I?? Yes??

7. Stephen and I are having a wine night on Saturday to ring in the new year...and I fully intend to wear a sparkly dress and heels while doing so. Yes, that's right kids...I wear cocktail dresses around the house on special occaisions.

and finally...

8. I'm announcing a special giveaway at 12:00 p.m. CST for a monogrammed pretty from Thirty-One Gifts. Be back to enter...it couldn't be easier and you will LOVE what I'm giving away!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Oooo wine night sounds fun! I think we'll stay in with board games, champagne, and The Big Bang Theory. Yep. Old married couple right here! And get the shoes, girl! New Years present to yourself! Ha!

  2. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is an awesome movie and a great book. If you aren't sure you want to read it watch the movie and then you'll probably want to read the next 2 books. Hope you have a wonderful New Year! :)

  3. We had a little "mishap" with our wedding day pictures as well. I don't have ANY of just my husband and I together on our wedding day. True story. Can you say devastated? What I guess I'm saying is "Hurray for you!!" We would like to take some one year anniversary pics because we've both lost about 20 lbs since our wedding day and would like to have pics to look back on and smile :) Can't wait to see your pics!

  4. We're having the same shin dig for new years. Cheers!

  5. Smiling big that you will be ringing in the new year in style! Isn't it wild to reflect on 2011 and see all the changes, growths and wonderful things that 365 days brought to your life? I for one am looking forward to what 2012 has in store and I wish you all the best!!!! xox

  6. My photographer did the same thing at the wedding!!! I use the same 4 pictures of us by ourselves for everything! What a great idea to have them redone! You can always use more wedding pics!

  7. You should definitely buy the flats, especially if they are for a super good deal! That rarely happens to me so I would snag then up immediately! And I think its perfectly normal to get all dressed up to stay home..I mean it is New Years and its YOUR house! I say go for it and enjoy it! Happy New Year! :)

  8. Me and David have done wine night and home and you better believe i dressed up to go nowhere:) Cant wait to see your "new" wedding pictures!

  9. Get the shoes!! If you've been wanting them that long, then the amount of money you spend on them will be worth it because you know you will wear them and love them.

  10. Definitely take the plunge and buy the shoes! I wavered back and forth so long, but my black Revas are literally the most worn pair of shoes in my closet. They go with everything, they're comfy, they're absolutely worth every penny! Have a happy New Year!

  11. i just got the girl with the dragon tattoo books for christmas. i haven't started them yet because i have four other books i need to finish first..yes i'm head procrastinator at my house. but i have also been intrigued and thinking should i try to read the books first before i see the movie.

    anyways...hope you and stephan have a wonderful first new year's as husband and wifey!
    definitely gonna be wearing me a sparkly dress, too!

  12. I confess that I own all the Dragon Tattoo books and I can barely even get into the first one. Everyone tells me that it takes a while, but it gets very addicting...I'm still waiting :)

  13. It seems like across the board people are voting to stay in for a cozy NYE vs. going out. I'm happy to read you're doing the same. We were up in the air but after Christmas and all the money we've spent I sort of think a quiet night sipping wine and champagne at home with the hubby is JUST the ticket! Happy New Year!

  14. Such a great idea for a post! I really enjoyed reading it - especially about your two furry friends :P and the penpalfail :P totally know what you mean!

    Thanks for visiting my blog <3 and happy new year!

  15. I have a pair of black reva's that i wear almost every day to work, they can be dressed up or down and i swear the leather gets softer as i wear them. best 195.00 I have ever spent!

  16. it will be super fun to put your dress back on and take pictures with the hubs. it stinks that your photographer didn't get the shots you wanted, but at least you can recreate these :)

    #6. DO IT :)

  17. So exciting that y'all are having new pictures done!
    As for the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, both the book and the movie are great! The first half of the book is really, really tough to get through but is altogether a great read. As for the movie, it's super violent with graphic scenes.. So beware. Ha!
    Hope you manage to take some pic of your NYE outfit!

  18. Yes!! Buy those flats! They are the best!! And if you read that book, let me know cause I was thinking of reading it too.

    Love your blog!


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