New Year, New You

Hope y'all are ready, 'cuz the new year is heading our way...and fast! We are t-minus 3 weeks away from 2012 and currently being bombarded by all sorts of weight loss program ads and exercise equipment commercials. But I recently had the idea to do a "Jumpstart" program that would help get all of our rears in gear before January 1st.

I know a lot more about shopping than I do diet/exercise, so I enlisted the help of my husband Stephen to help craft a plan. He's a certified personal trainer and also a national account manager for a nutrition company, so rest assured - the boy knows his stuff.

Today, we'll start by going over the basics - what you need to know before you begin ANY diet/exercise plan.

1. Know Your Numbers

You've got to know your numbers. Knowing and charting your numbers is the way in which your progress is tracked. Solid numbers mean solid results. These include knowing your:

-Waist measurement (in inches) - this is one of THE most important numbers.
-Weight (in pounds)
-BMI (go here to calculate)
-Blood pressure (take your blood pressure the next time you visit a pharmacy or stop in the Dr.'s office)

2. Be Prepared to Make Time

Working out takes dedication and dedication takes time. Pencil in 30-45 minutes of exercise into your calendar for the next 6 weeks RIGHT NOW. I'm serious...grab that planner or phone sitting next to the computer and go ahead and put in 4-5 days of exercise for the next month and a half.

3. Get Some Thin-spiration

Below is the pic that I personally use as my "thin-spiration" picture, but feel free to find one that inspires you! Stay away from supermodels or Hollywood twiglets - that isn't really all that sexy and it's unattainable for most people. Instead, focus on a pic featuring a healthy, trim, athletic body - NFL cheerleaders are great examples! We ladies are very visual creatures and what better to remind you of your goals then a fit, trim body to aspire to?

4. Be Prepared to Cheat

Say what?! Here's what I mean: Be prepared to have a few unhealthy bites every now and then. Stephen and I have a dedicated "cheat meal" every Saturday. Good tasting food is very bad for you sometimes, but life is too short to only eat broccoli and tofu. Have that piece of pumpkin pie, forget about it and move on. One bad meal doesn't mean you've failed; it actually means you're more likely to stick to the plan.

5. Be Prepared for Saboteurs to Surface

Women are catty. It's true. Those co-workers who bring in junk food and encourage you to eat it, knowing FULL WELL you're on a diet program? That's a saboteur. They come in the form of co-workers, peers, neighbors, friends and sometimes, even family. They aren't bad people by any means; just bad for your diet.

Most of the time, people try to sabotage your diet/exercise because they feel guilty about their own neglectful eating and exercising. Sometimes they just miss the daily runs to Burger Barn you took together during the lunch hour. Whatever the case, be prepared to stay strong.

6. Be Prepared for Weeks When the Scale Won't Budge

It's called a plateau, that week when the scale stops moving. And it's inevitable. Stephen will show you how to break through those plateaus with a fun cardio/strength training segment, but the important thing to remember is that it's only temporary. Stick with your guns and keep on truckin' - you're still making progress!

7. Be Prepared for Cat Calls and Staring from Strangers

'Cuz you're gonna be sexier than ever : )

Next, go ahead and bookmark the following sites. We'll refer to these often throughout the process:


Finally, invest in some good quality exercise shoes and clothes, as well as a couple of exercise DVDs (you'll need these during Week 2).

My favorite shoes are the Asics Gel- Nimbus 13.

I also like Victoria's Secret Bling Yoga leggings for a cold weather alternative to shorts, (abs not included.)

Want the same yoga routine that the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders use? You can have it. As far as fitness DVDs go, my all-time favorite is APY60- Created by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Yoga Instructor Kurt Johnson and has changed my body completely.

I also really like the Elle Workout Yoga with Brooklyn Decker DVD.

I'll be posting the New Year, New You segments each Wednesday night, in addition to the regular Trend Watch Wednesday posts earlier in the day. Hope y'all will join in!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. No wonder you are so tiny! Great post :)

  2. I LOVE Hungry Girl recipes & calorie king! Great post!!

  3. I'm in!!! I have gotten lazy this past month and your post is just what I needed to push me back!

  4. Thanks for posting Leslie!

    I'm def getting back into the swing of things after the new year. I'm finally making progress on an injury and can't WAIT to get back to my normal gym routine.

    Great inspiration! Love how you picked a DCC!!! Best NFL team and BEST NFL cheerleaders WHATWHAT!?!?


  5. Thank you SO much for posting this, Leslie! It's like you read my mind!! I am all in! :)

  6. Preach it girl!!!!!!!

    I love this post, and I am so pumped to get my hiney back in shape!!!!!

  7. You are so awesome!! Thank you for inspiring me now if I could just get my hubby to stop feeding me chocolate LOL! I can't wait to get started!

  8. Love this! no way do I want a models body, I want a sexy just the right amount of curves nfl cheerleader body =]
    I am gonna post this on my fridge!

  9. Great post! I am totally going to join in your New Year, New You plan! Can't wait to read more. :)


  10. Love it! I have big plans for the new year too, so will definitely be checking in!


  11. Super! You've done an amazing job! Thanks for sharing!!! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I've got a new post on how to Lose Weight Fast before Christmas form Beach Body Coach. I'm sure you gonna like that! Love to hear what you think. Xo


  12. i'm aiming to be my best me this year! very excited for 2012!

  13. Great post!! I am all for joining in on your New Year, New You plan...I will have to post some tips myself :)

    Great way for all of us to have a countability partner, just in the bloggy world!

  14. Hey Leslie...i am a long time follower and first time commenter. i found you through kellys korner when you got engaged and just had to stick around to see your wedding :) Love your blog, you and your hubby are too cute and even though i don't know you it's been fun following your blog. since you said your hubby is a trainer and works for a nutritional company i was hoping you could ask him a question for me. during a bit of insomnia i got hooked on an infomertial about nopalea juice...just wondered his thoughts..has he heard of it before? thanks!

  15. Oooo I can't wait to join in!! I think this may be a good way to keep track and get healthy!

    XO Lucy

  16. I'm in too! But see, there's a difference. I'm not a 'young thing' like you girls are. :) I'm a 44 year old mom to 4 precious, little beings. And they, along with myself, are the reason I am getting my butt in gear! I've already begun my new plan because life doesn't offer 2nd chances! It will be fun to follow you young girls. :)

  17. Wait, one more thing. I'm assuming, by this post, that you & your hubby agree it is not necessary to join a gym to achieve adequate/beneficial exercise...? I hope, anyway! :)

  18. Thanks for doing this- it's the push I need, can't wait!

  19. how lucky are you to have a personal trainer 24/7!! Those dang dallas cheerleaders have kickin bods i have to say. Heres to a more toned bod for 2012!

  20. Love this post... lots of great stuff. My husband and I call our "cheat" meal our "reward" meal though... then it never feels like you fell off the bandwagon! :) Plus, we all deserve that burrito followed by an ice cream sundae every now and again, right???

  21. Can we use YOU as our thin-spiration? ;-) Seriously!

  22. Love this!! So excited!! I use fitness pal on my iPhone and it definitely keeps me accountable but I need to really jump on it this year!! BIG birthday in 2012 and I am determined to be T-H-I-N and with some awesome legs!!


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