Holiday Style Video!

Greetings, gorgeous girls! Today is a special day on the bloggity blog! The above, as some of you may remember, is Lindy. Lindy has been helping out with this blog for over a year now and has truly been a God-send with keeping this blog running smoothly. She's also a published columnist and author of her own fabulous blog, A Pirate's Prevailing Taste!

Lindy is a hottie patoddy.

Anywhozit, Lindy has been working her tail off on a video for A Blonde Ambition that will hopefully inspire some holiday looks for y'all! What's even better is that every look  featured on the video is LESS than $100

You'll see three looks:
#1- The Holiday Spent with Family
#2- The Holiday Spent with Friends
#3- For New Year's Eve

Watch and learn, lovelies.

And here are the deets on the outfits featured on the models:

Look # 1 Kristyn: The Holidays Spent with Family

Sweater: $13- Old Navy
Belt:         $3- Charlotte Russe
Top:         $4- T.J. Maxx
Boots:    $60- Steve Madden from Famous Footwear (Look-a-likes at Target for only $35)
Earrings: $11- Che Bella
Scarf:       $9- Aldo Accessories
Total:   $100– (Excluding jeans, because I know skinny jeans are an ESSENTIAL in a fashionista’s closet, but just in case you were wondering, they were $20 from Target)

Look # 2 Ashlei: The Holidays Spent with Friends

Top-    $23- Target
Skirt-     $6- Forever 21
Tights-   $4- Marshalls
Boots- $64- Aldo
Total:   $93  (Fabulous hairstyle- FREE! Put your hair in a ponytail and then split it in half and flip the ponytail through the gap. Pull it through and tighten it. Easy, and chic!)

Look # 3 Sarah: New Years Eve

Dress-     $15- Charlotte Russe
Blazer-    $25- Forever 21
Shoes-    $40- DSW
Bracelets- $4- Forever 21
Ring-        $4- Charlotte Russe
Earrings- $10- Claire's
Total:      $98   (Fierce attitude and endless compliments- not included)

Don't forget that tonight will be the VERY FIRST installment of New Year, New You. Follow the eating plan we'll reveal tonight, and you'll be well on your way to that bikini : )

If you haven't already, take a sec to read the Introduction post before tonight!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. OMG! I'm in LOVE with ALL those looks! Super cute!! & CHEAP! Thanks for sharing and I may be stealing the Christmas with the Fam outfit b/c those boots (or a knock off) are under the tree for me! :) Also, looking forward to the eating plan! After all these holiday food parties I'm gonna need some help!! :)

  2. First off all, I love those shoes!

    Second of all, EVERY SINGLE ONE of those outfits are so cute! I love them all! Especially the dress!



  3. omg. love all the looks. this post is so beyond fabulous, I'm obsessed. thanks for sharing, love. Oh, I recently updated my about me, love to hear what you think. xo



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