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So last year's excitement of the engagement threw off my blogging game a bit, (and that was A-Okay with me!), and I didn't get to write my annual New Year's Intentions list. Remember this one from 2009? Yeah, what's funny is I've actually done most of the things on that list...so obviously something stuck.

With that little forward, I'd like to present to you dear readers, my 2012 New Year's Intentions:

1. Get More Involved with Our Church

Central United Methodist - Where we were married.

We LOVE our church (Central United Methodist in Rogers) and have already joined the 2012 Evangelical Committee, but want to continue to stay involved throughout the whole year. I know that the church has a senior citizen outreach program and S and I are far better with old people than with kids : ) We owe our marriage and our countless blessings to God and want to find even more ways to give back in the coming year.

2. Start Saving for a Trip to Italy
Stephen has family that live in Italy (yep, he's as legit an Italian as you get) and he's never been to their country. I went in 2007 and fell in love with the beauty of Tuscany and the magnificence of Rome. I'd love to go back, this time with the love of my life.

3. Learn to Make Coq Au Vin
This is supposed to be one of the most difficult dishes to master, but I feel like I'm equipped to take it on. I've branched out a lot with my cooking in the past year and have lots of fancy new cooking tools now. And if it doesn't pan out (pun intended), our two monster pups will love assisting in the clean-up : )

4. Start Learning to Speak Italian
Stephen and I want to start taking Italian language classes. His Nonna and Nonno speak fluent Italian and we want to pay his family's heritage homage and learn it, too.

5. Learn to Bake My Great-Grandmother's Rolls
Grandma Ruth is now very old and can no longer bake, but I want to learn how to make her famous rolls to carry on her tradition. Few people have been able to replicate them (my Memaw is the only one that comes to mind), so I feel like if I can learn, it would honor her.

6. Finally Buy Those Tory Burch Ballet Flats
Because I had to throw something semi-selfish on this list and I think they'd look great on my tootsies : )

7. Cultivate New Friendships and Old Ones, Too

Kind of speaks for itself...I just want to keep being a good friend to others and continue to make new friends. Sometimes we lose touch with our old pals because of jobs, life events, etc., but it's so important to remind those people that they're important to us and we prize their loyalty. It's also important to open ourselves up to those who come from different walks of life; we can learn so much from them.

8. Continue to Give Starbucks a Large Portion of My Paycheck
Because I had to put something on here that I know I can accomplish...without a doubt.

9. Convince Stephen That I Need a Goat
This is sort of a running joke, but I have a thing for goats. Maybe it's because I grew up on a farm, maybe it's because it's because I like goat cheese. I think goats are cute. And the fact that they can eat and digest tin cans is just awesome. He says it would go against the covenants of our subdivision, but to that I say, "Pish posh!" Bring on the goats.

10. Make This First Year of Marriage Amazing

Our marriage comes first, now and always. I want Stephen to go to sleep every night knowing that I love and respect him more than anyone else on this planet.

What are your 2012 Intentions?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I LOVE your intentions!!! Especially the learning Italian and going to Italy! I have this thing for travel and languages...so if you accomplish those goals, kudos to you! (and know that I'll be jealous! ;)
    I need to do a list of "intentions" for 2012. I have never made goals for a new year because there was nothing special I wanted to do...but next year...there are lots of things! And maybe God will throw a man into my life next year? :)

  2. Tori Spelling and her hubs have two little goats and they are the cutest little things!

  3. I almost laughed out loud on the goat part because my husband is trying to convince me that we need a goat.

  4. I would love a baby goat! I think they are just adorable as well =)

  5. You grew up on a farm? I think that deserves a post ... with pictures.

  6. That is a pretty great list of intentions! Your wedding photos are beautiful

  7. What a great list of intentions! Thanks for sharing!

  8. We have goats!!!! Two little boys...Nigerian Dwarfs. Our daughters love them and so do we. They are so easy to care for and so friendly.

    Good luck with your intentions!

  9. We've been attending our Church for a year now, but am ready for Mister Wonderful to give me the okay for us to "officially" become members!!! :)

    Love your list! Perfect!

  10. I have been trying to convince my finace, my parents, my friends, everyone I know basically to get a goat too!! How funny! They are the most precious little creatures! Hope 2012 brings you lots of love and luck!

  11. Such gorgeous pictures from your wedding! I have so many things I hope to accomplish in 2012 and plan to make my list soon...one of which will be to go to Africa and volunteer with the children there, which has been on my bucket list for many years!

    Liesl :)

  12. You and your husband are too cute! I love the look of your church, it's breathtaking :)

    Stopping by to say hello!
    Breanna xx

  13. What a great great list. Full of awesome and fun things to work on. I need to be more involved at my church as well, that's a great idea.

    I love the idea of conquering a dish to serve, I want to learn to make chicken dumplings.

    Great that you can laugh at yourself with Starbucks, I'm there too.

    BTW your wedding pictures are sooooo gorgeous, thank you for sharing the special moments with us!


  14. First off, I have to say I LOVE your wedding dress! You'll have to give me pointers someday. :-)

    Second, I like the fact you call them intentions. I'm not a fan of "resolutions" and so I set "goals" and "challenges". Goals being specific things I will take action to accomplish, and challenges being things I want to challenge myself daily to be better at, such as smiling more often, relaxing more, etc. I hope you'll be able to stop by my blog and check out my list as well as my inspiration board after New Years!

  15. I just love this idea. Rather than resolutions--intentions. Perfect. And you are PRECIOUS. I am so lucky that I stumbled across your blog, so thankful for you and blessed by you! One of my intentions for 2012--finally come visit NWA and meet my blog bff!

  16. Oh girly, your wedding pictures are stunning. Every time I look at them I see a new detail!!!! As a newlywed myself, I totally intend to make this first year of marriage amazing as well.

    Your list of intentions is amazing! I know you will rock them all!

    Michelle @ The Vintage Apple

  17. I'm with you on the Tory Burch flats. I want them too. Mj and I are hoping to go to Italy this year; and other European locales as well. Good luck with all of your good intentions...except the goat. HOA's are no joke!!

  18. Great list! I definitely don't want a goat, but I would love another heifer. I can't wait until the babies start arriving in February.

  19. Totally agree on the Tory Burch flats - they've been on my wish list for way too long. Italian was my foreign language in college and I love it - such a pretty language. I think its the perfect combination of French and Spanish. And after you've started to learn it, the best way to really master it is by taking a trip to Italy, of course! :)

    Laughed out loud at the goat - my mom has been wanting one for a while, too!

  20. love your list. the goat one made me laugh. are you a tori spelling fan? they have goats inside the house and they are SO cute.

  21. This was so beautiful and I am very very happy for you! I hope everything you want gets done on this list! I need to start working on mine!! So much to do on bloggy world and only 2 more days to do it!
    bring in the new year in style! but obvi you will!

  22. Happy New Year! Gorgeous photos - your wedding pics are beautiful :)

    Laura xo

  23. I love that you call these intentions and not resolutions!!

  24. Love your list!! You should get a fainting goat! Those things crack me up!!
    I think it is Very important to put your marriage first. I have been married since June 2010 and in the last year my husband and I have been though a lot. We moved 650 miles from our family and then pretty much the first week we were here I got pregnant and unfortunately miscarried. Things here in Wilmington, NC are not as great as we anticipated and some days I feel like I don't have a friend in the world. BUT I always have my best friend, my husband. I have to tell myself these things are all part of God's plan and let go and let God do his thing. It has been a rough year but years from now we are going to look back and say remember when...
    I thank you for your blog...it make me laugh and smile!

  25. I had no clue goats could digest a tin can. Seriously?!?

    I like that you call them "intentions" and not resolutions. It's such a more productive take on it! I think you may have converted me...

  26. I have a friend that raises goats in Weiner, AR. If you ever need one :) And another that raises them for goat milk, the goats name is Oprah!! Hope you get to enjoy one too!


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